On The Shelf: @OniPress Set To Release The Life After By Joshua Hale Fialkov AKA @JoshFialkov

Jude is the son of God, cast out from the heavens and forced to make a life on earth. Cursed with the knowledge of the afterlife but unable to reach it, Jude focuses his power on convincing people to disavow their belief in a higher power. On the other side of the fight is Essie, the child who was never born, who recruits believers to her side. When the fight between faith and disbelief is fought on the mortal coil, the fallout is catastrophic.

The Life After Vol. 4

The Life After is Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with Art by Gabo and will be ON THE SHELF for $19.99 on July 26, 2017.  This volume collects the final five issues of Exodus: The Life After, the fourth volume of The Life After saga, a strange and insightful journey that goes far beyond the veil. You can pick up your copy HERE.

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