A Mom’s Perspective: Denver Comic Con 2017 and @PopClassroom


I had to opportunity to attend Denver Comic Con with my family on Saturday, July 1st.  While it was very crowded that day, I was excited to see what the day would bring.  One of the highlights for me is looking at the artwork and talking with the artists.  While some of the artwork is not my style, I appreciate the talent of all the artists.  This was also something that our entire family enjoys doing together.  Our daughter especially likes the artists that draw My Little Ponies, Disney Princesses and Superheroes.  She also likes to have the artist’s autographs.  This is one of the reasons that I like going to the conventions.  The artists are so willing to sign her book and engaged in conversations with her.  They will go the extra mile and draw a little something in her book also.  As a parent, I am grateful to the artists that take time to do that for her.  Their artwork is inspiring to her as an artist herself.  Some of our favorite artists that we saw that day and even brought home pieces of their work were Megan Withey, Chrissie Zullo, Ben Byrd and Thom Zahler (Pictures Below).  The amount of talent in one place is extraordinary.

Thom Zahler
Chrissie Zullo
Megan Carrigan
Ben Byrd

Another aspect of Denver Comic Con that will keep me going back besides the art, is the Pop Culture Classroom.  There are numerous activities for kiddos to take advantage of.  They can be creative and participate in art projects, they can try their hands at playing musical instruments, and also hear their name played musically.  They had balloon animals and face painting (most of these were free activities).  Not only are the activities engaging and fun, the staff that assisted were amazing.  There were kind, helpful and always available to answer questions.  We spent quite a bit of time in that section of the convention and had a blast.

They had something for everyone in our family to enjoy.  Even our two year old son was able to decorate a superhero shield and mask.  If you have not attended Denver Comic Con, it is worth the trip and I encourage you to give it a try.

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