A Mom’s Perspective: An Introduction

As a wife of an avid geek culture husband, I have had the opportunity to experience many things geek culture.  I have also seen how my daughter has come to enjoy many of these things from going to conventions to reading comic books with her dad.  It has been a joy to watch the relationship grow through this common interest.  It was not until last year when we attended the convention in Utah as a family that I came to realize how these events and content was a common thread that our family has and how we can use these things to continue to build stronger relationships with each other.  I came to realize how important it was for me to be involved and learn about these things not only with my husband but also with my daughter.  I have seen many positive things come out of our family doing these things together and wanted to be able to share my perspective of how these conventions, comics and other materials have impacted my family.  So this segment will be all about my perspective on these things.  My hope is that other people can have the same experiences with their family as we have had with ours.

What are some things that you do as a family?  And is connected to geek culture in any way?  I would love to hear from you.  Do not forget to like, share and subscribe to keep up to date on all things geek culture.

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