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Bebop and Tempo is a challenging retro arcade platforming game with a focus on speed and player skill. Inspired by the many great games of the 8 and 16-bit era, Bebop and Tempo has the music, art, and difficulty to match.


Play through a variety of levels and environments by switching between Bebop and Tempo. Each character has their own unique abilities. Bebop has the ability to dash and dodge. While in comparison, Tempo runs faster, jumps higher, and can stomp. Switch between each character on the go with a push of a button to beat each level as you see fit. Be careful! One hit and you are out. Bebop and Tempo’s difficulty matches your play style. Take the easy route and carefully plan your next step to complete each level. On the other hand, master the mechanics of Bebop and Tempo to switch, dodge, and attack within a blink of an eye to earn the highest score.


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  • Developer: Brandon Dominguez, based in Riverside, California
  • Release Date: June 19th, 2017
  • Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Xbox One (Summer 2017)
  • Website:
  • Price: USD 5-30
  • Availability: Digital Download, Physical Copy
  • Languages: English
  • Content is generally suitable for all ages
  • File Size: ~50MB

Steam Achievements
Earn over 20 Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards
Collect, Trade, and Craft Trading Cards with your friends to unlock unique emoticons and more!
Over 50 Levels of Arcade Platforming
Challenge yourself, or the world. Master over 50 levels of arcade platforming and five challenging boss fights.
Explore and Unlock Four Unique Areas
Encounter new enemies and obstacles within each new area
A Complete Original 8-bit Soundtrack
Over 20 original tracks to play along with. Composed by Jed Crouch
2-Player Local VS Mode
Challenge a friend to a frantic VS match. Collect power-ups, destroy enemies, and dodge your way to victory!
Endless Arcade Mode
Play wave after wave of enemies in a random series of levels. How long can you last?

USB Game Pad Support
Plug in an Xbox One control, or two, and you are all set to go.

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