On The Shelf: James Burton Kicks Off His Kickstater For Damage Inc.

Award-winning comic book illustrator James Burton (independent film storyboard artist, The News and Review magazines, penciler/inker for The Vampire of the Lost Highway, cover artist for Knights of the Dinner Table and Psychosis, and artist/cocreator for Inheritance) has announced his latest venture into the world of comic books – Kickstarter campaign that will not only bring his characters – Damage, Inc. – to print, but they will meet up with the heroes of the popular Shadow Hunter series in this crossover.

Damage inc

However, Burton is not using this Kickstarter to help raise money for a comic book, but he is using it to build a legacy.

“In 2007, just four or so weeks after my first child was born, I collapsed at work,” said Burton. “When I woke up I was told that  that I was dying of Level four lymphoma.”

Thanks to modern medical science he survived, but Burton and his family faced many other challenges.

“After surviving, we lost my mom, my dad, our home, and my career,” he said. “It reinforced that I needed to build a legacy for my children beyond just my paycheck. It had to be something to show them that chasing the dream of who you want to be takes hard work, and is built on choices. Telling kids they can dream is a good beginning, but showing them you can bust your ass and  pull it off? That’s the best gift I can give them.”

Now Burton is hard at work on the series.

When asked what the comic book was about, Burton said his group Damage Inc. is “a group of friends who are a part of a club that hunts supernatural creatures and super-powered metahuman for bounties. But there is a big problem – they suck at it.”

“Every job ends in a gunfight, an explosion and a ton of smacktalk,” Burton said and then added with a laugh. “Ain’t that how every job should end?”

And now the “Shadow Damage Crossover” – as it is called – “is a punk rock thrash fight, and is the beginning of a new arc for Damage Inc. Someone has sent them after Jason Dube’s Shadowhunters and now there’s gonna be one hell of a brawl as their club in Downtown Sacramento is turned into a Supernatural Mosh pit by Damage Inc. bounty hunters looking to fill a contract.”

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