The Toy Box: Checker Book Publishing Group Is Getting Ready For Their #Kickstarter Campaign For Superhero 2044 RPG

Checker Book Publishing Group has made known that with all of the recent controversy surrounding diverse super hero universe, óne group of very divers heroes has found a home.  Contrary to large comic book publishing conglomerates stating ‘diversity is dead’  a new role playing game based on super heroes has seen nothing but positive reviews upon playtesting the various characters with divers backgrounds and motivations.

Superhero 2044

CEO Mark Thompson explains, “Our super hero game has hundreds of ready made characters to use in a gaming format. We have included characters of  every race, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and physical handicap. What we are discovering in play tests is that players are actually gravitating towards using these characters as their avatars pretty seamlessly.  Many games are chock full of standard blond hunks (or otherwise standardized Ken and Barbie rolemodels) but our game appeals to a much broader variety of characters.

Super Hero 2044  features such classic characters as the African American legend John Henry as well as the Hispanic hero Fantomas who steals for the rich to aid the poor.

Super Hero 2044 is a comic book themed role playing game originally published in 1977 with a substantial upgrade to the game being  launched on Kickstarter in August of 2017.

Superhero 2044 will be crowdfunding production for both a role playing game and card game based on the world. The first campaign should launch in August 2017. For more information you can find it HERE.

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