The Show: Issue 031 “I Must Break You”



Top Stories:

  1. Ivan Drago to return for Creed 2:
  2. San Diego Comic Con has a home until 2021:
  3. Hellboy Reboot headed to Lionsgate:
  4. Godzilla goes Anime for Netflix:

Goody’s Guide To The Galaxy:

  1. Han Solo Film Still – On Track
  2. Forces of Destiny – Eps. 1-4

REVIEWS: (Review of: Comics, Books, Game, TV or Film)

  1. (GOODY)
    1. Art Of Cosplay
  2. (Simon)
    1. Denver Comic Con

What We’re Watching:  (Shows we are watching, books we’re reading, etc. which are not discussed in the Review )


Chad: Dark Matter, Face-Off,

Simon: The Flash, Arrow, Lost, Firefly

Where Can We Find You:


Chad:   Twitter: ChadGriffin12, Instagram: DJKilt, Facebook: Chad Goodwin &

Simon: Twitter: C_Collectible, Instagram: C_Collectible and



Do you Cosplay? Let us know! CC will be dedicating a new tab to our web site just for cosplay articles, news, how-to’s for your favorite characters, and a who’s who of our favorite cosplayers. A new feature of “The Art of Cosplay” will drop next week!


Starting on Monday, July 17th we will be live at 8pm pacific and 9pm mountain with  our new bi-weekly show reviewing 80’s films.  The first film we will review is Adventures In Babysitting.

“On The Road”

No show next week as Simon will be on the road for a family vacation, but we will be back on July 20th.

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