The Art of Cosplay – Killer Rhino / Headshot!

The Art of Cosplay – Killer Rhino / Headshot!

Get ready for this next installment folks! We bring you an outstanding young man this month, the son of last months cosplayer feature. When I flew out to Indiana to meet up with an old friend from high school, I also got a chance to interview this young man. Little did I know that I was not only in the presence of a serious cosplayer, but in the presence of a huge lady-killer too. Get ready ladies, I give you the future of cosplay. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, Freaks and geeks, I present to you……..

Ryan Jawa CC
Ryan’s Jawa Costume!


Killer Rhino / Headshot!

Mr. Ryan Toppel a.k.a. KIller Rhino / Headshot!

Ryan, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ve seen some of your costumes and they look phenomenal!  So, tell me Ryan, what got you started in cosplay? 

When my dad started making costumes I thought they were cool. So he started making some for me as well.

Well, that’s a cool dad! What was your first convention that you where you wore your first cosplay outfit?

C2E2 in CHICAGO is where I wore my first one. It was so fun! I felt like a movie star with everyone stopping me to take pictures.

Ryan Jodo CC
Movie action star in the making!


I bet you did! I can only imagine the fun you had and with your dad standing beside you wearing his Mandalorian armor I’m sure it made you feel even more special and proud. You looked like a boss bro!

Is there anything special that inspires ou to cosplay?

My dad, He inspires me to do cosplay. We do it for fun and charity.

That’s so cool that your dad is your inspiration. Doing cosplay for charity is extremely noble, it’s great to see such a young man getting into charitable work so early. I hope you’re able to keep that up as you get older and I’m sure the Mandalorian Mercs will be honored to have you doing that.

So, which of these costumes was your first?

My Jodo Kast Mandalorian kit is my first cosplay.

Ryan Jodo2 CC
Ryan on the hunt for a bounty!


Ah, nice! Jodo Kast was the one who tried to impersonate Boba Fett for a while. His armor was similar to Fett’s. 

Out of all of your costumes, which one is the hardest to wear? Or which one is the most uncomfortable?

BANE is the hardest because of the bald head appliance that I have to wear, lol.

Ya, I can imagine that it must be uncomfortable. 

Tell me about your costume fabrication. Do you do your own or does your dad help?

No, my dad makes all my costumes. He does such an awesome job!

Heck ya, your dad does a stellar job with his cosplay fabrication. I might have to hire him for a Mandalorian helmet for myself one of these days.

After all your cosplay experience, what’s been your biggest highlight? What’s been your coolest moment while in costume?

The coolest that I have experienced was getting Daniel Logan, who played young Boba Fett,  to sign my helmet. That’s been my most exciting moment so far.

Ryan & Daniel CC
Ryan with the Mandalorian Mercs and Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett).

Oh wow, that certainly is really badass bro! I met him once too, at Star Wars Celebration in Los Angeles several years ago. He was really cool and loved interacting with the fans. So you got a bounty hunter to sign your bounty hunter helmet, that’s so cool!

If that was your coolest moment, then what has been your worst experience?

We got in an argument with a guy trying to cut in line in front of us. My dad was going to beat him up, but we got security instead.

Smart move in letting security handle it, your dad might have roughed him up too much. 

So tell me Ryan. How many cosplay outfits do you currently have, and what are they?

I currently have 2 Mandalorians, 1 Jedi, 1 Predator, 1 Punisher, 1 Jawa, and 1 Freddy Kruger.

Ryan Predator CC
Ryan’s Predator! I see a theme of “Hunters” here, lol.

Wow, that’s a lot, and you’re still young. By the time you reach my age you could have a hundred cosplay outfits! I hope your dad is teaching you well in how to make them too. Who knows, you could become a professional cosplayer one day!

Speaking of professional cosplaying. If you could cosplay as anything, no limits on money or grandeur, who or what would you be, and why?

I would love to cosplay as a Transformers BumbleBee!

That would be stellar! I saw someone like that at Long Beach Comic Con last year. They had actual working lights and sounds too. I think you could pull that off in the near future. You’re on your way to becoming a great cosplayer. I think you and your dad could definitely make that cosplay work. Who knows, maybe your dad could be Optimus.

Since you’re an experienced cosplayer. You have any tips or suggestions for those out there who wanna try to get into this?

 Tips would be have fun. Drink lots of water and wear good shoes, your feet will hurt after all the walking and standing around.

I’d say that was some sound advice, great job! 

Where can your fans and our readers see you next? Any upcoming Conventions or Benefits?

People can see me and my dad at MaskFest Indy and local cons this year. Next year dad says we are going to Star Wars Celebration, I hope so!!!

MaskFest sounds like a blast! I too am hoping to attend Star Wars Celebration next year, it’s always a lot of fun! 

Thanks so much Ryan for allowing me to interview you today. You’ve been so humble and yet awesome all at once!

Other Great Pics……

Ryan FK CC
Ryan as Freddy Kruger and Dad as Jason!
Ryan Sith CC
The Force is Strong with this one!
Ryan & Dengar CC
Headshot getting some backup from Dengar!





Ryan CC
The Man, The Myth, The Bounty Hunter!
Ryan Jodo 3 CC
Ready for action!
Ryan & R2 CC
Ryan found the droids!

Killer Rhino / Headshots Bio……

Ryan a.k.a. KIller Rhino / Headshot hails from Indiana, is a full-time student and part-time professional cosplayer, is 12 years old, and has an awesome mom and dad. Once again, thanks Ryan for the time and pleasure of allowing us to feature you on our site and thanks to his parents Matt and Jessica too for allowing us to feature him.

The Art of Cosplay……

The purpose behind Constant Collectible featuring cosplay artists on our site is to show anyone and everyone that cosplay artists come in all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, and backgrounds.

Do you cosplay? Do you know someone who does? Would they or you like a free feature on our site? If so, email me at and we’ll get the process going. The more pictures we get the more exposure you get.

Let us, and more importantly, the artist know what you thought of the article and of all of their precious cosplay work.

I’m Goody and I hope to see you on the convention floor sometime!


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