The Pull List: @ALTERNACOMICS July 2017 Solicitations

Early pre-order numbers for July releases indicate that second issues are on pace to match their first issue counterparts.  Priced at $1.50 each and printed on newsprint, ADAM WRECK, AMAZING AGE, CROAK, and LILITH DARK all debuted on May 3rd and sold out at Diamond before their release dates and reports from retailers are showing that they have gone on to sell out at dozens of comic shops across the world as well.

According to publisher Peter Simeti, print run sizes are remaining steady:

“Usually there’s a pretty big drop in order numbers for a second issue in a series so I’m really happy to see that the demand is there because it means that people are loving these comics.  I’m just thrilled for the creators here that work so hard to put these out.”

Simeti goes on,

“We’re filling Diamond backorders as quickly as possible for May’s issue #1 releases, but if retailers would like to order directly from us, we’re more than able to fill re-orders that way as well.  We’re always open towards supporting the shops that support us and if there’s anything we can do, I hope they don’t hesitate to ask.”


More information on Alterna’s July releases can be found below.

ADAM WRECK #2 of 3

(W/A) Michael S. Bracco

Great for fans of Star Wars, Lost in Space, Guardians of the Galaxy


The hunt is on as Adam scrambles to save his parents from Space Pirates, while Voric (ever the swash-buckling scoundrel) rushes to get the galaxy’s greatest treasure: the Trillion Star! If you love epic space adventures, Adam Wreck is for you! Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171057; July 12th

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(W) Matthew D. Smith

(A) Jeremy Massie, Christine Brunson

Great for fans of Stranger Things, Teen Titans, The New Mutants


Sam, Mike, and Violet wake up in a world where comic book heroes have come to life! But with heroes come villains, and The Maulers are as bad as they come. Amazing Age delivers larger than life action for readers of all ages. Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171058; July 19th

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CROAK #2 of 3

(W) Cody Andrew Sousa

(A) Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O’Halloran

(L) Dezi Sienty

Great for fans of Friday the 13th, The Thing, Alien


As the creatures lurking within the trees grow in number, Aubrey, Nick and Tim will do what they must to survive; no matter how unspeakable. Croak is perfect for fans of survival horror and creature features. Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171059; July 5th

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(W/A) Charles C. Dowd

Great for fans of Alice in Wonderland, Conan the Barbarian, The Wizard of Oz


During an imaginary adventure, Lilith follows a kitten into a mysterious tree and discovers a hidden world full of very real beasties! Lilith Dark has the perfect blend of magic, fun, and adventure for readers of all ages! Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171060; July 26th

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