On The Shelf: @ImageComics Is Set To Release POP GUN WAR SEQUEL THIS JUNE From FAREL DALRYMPLE

POP GUN WAR: CHAIN LETTER, a sequel to his award-winning and critically acclaimed urban fantasy graphic novel POP GUN WAR: GIFT, this June.


Stuck in a small town with a broken-down van, Emily goes on a walk. After following some shady characters through subterranean tunnels, she discovers three video monitors showing stories from a magical present, dreamy past, and strange future.

POP GUN WAR: CHAIN LETTER will be ON THE SHELF at your local comic book stores Wednesday, June 14th and in bookstores Tuesday, June 20th.  POP GUN WAR: CHAIN LETTER is available for preorder HERE and let us know what you think about the book in the comment section below.

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