Convention Connection: Comic-Con Revolution!

Convention Connection: Comic-Con Revolution!


Attention all cos-players and fellow geeks, there’s a new Comic-Con coming to Southern California and it’s in the Inland Empire! That’s right folks, the inland cities are getting a brand new Con meaning all of us Inland Empire people won’t have to continuously keep traveling to San Diego, Los Angeles and Long Beach, we’ll be able to stay close to home.

Constant Collectible first broke the news of Comic-Con Revolution three weeks ago on our live PodcastComic Con Revolution will be held on May 13th, 2017 at the Ontario Convention Center. Yes, you’re reading that right, this con for its inaugural year will be for one day only. Meaning, that all the goodies will be packed into one solid day and I’m hoping that it’s a great success so it’ll become a yearly staple for the Inland Empire and it can also expand into a 2 to 3 day event in the coming years.

Comic Con Revolution is being put on by Atomic Crush Events which was conceived by Mike Scigliano and Drew Seldin. Scigliano was instrumental in the launch and development of both Long Beach Comic Con & Long Beach Comic Expo. Seldin, brings his extensive public relations and business background to Atomic Crush Events. Seldin, formerly co-owner of gaming collectible company, Triforce has over 15 years of experience working with top talent and companies in entertainment, convention and special event public relations. Here is an excerpt from a brief interview I had via email with Drew Seldin, Partner/Co-Founder of Atomic Crush Events.


Goody (Me): Why Ontario? Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining since I live 20 minutes away from the center. But, any specific reason for this location?

Drew: We knew you lived that close and wanted a convention that was super easy for you to attend. Well that and we were looking for a location that hasn’t been over-saturated by Comic Conventions but close enough to strong Comic talent that would allow us to build a guest list that fans would be really excited for. We are happy to say that in our humble opinion and by the overwhelmingly positive response we have received we accomplished both goals.

Goody: Will you be offering exclusive interviews for the press with any of your guests?

Drew: We are happy to help press in any way that we can but interviews are up to the guests. We can pass along requests but can’t speak on behalf of any of our guests.

Goody:Will there be any cos-play contests?

Drew:How can you have a great con without a great cos-play contest. We will be having one for kids and one for adults. We have prizes from local companies including Dave & Busters and Bioware confirmed today they will be providing prizes as well.

Goody:Any other future plans for California or any other states this year?

Drew:Nothing we can announce yet but we are in multiple discussions for future events. Stay tuned.


I love the fact that he and his company are actively searching for new areas with convention centers to hold events. Don’t get me wrong, I love L.A., San Diego, Escondido, and Long Beach, but somewhere new sounds like a great idea. The awesome thing about Ontario is that it’s so dang close to Ontario International Airport and there are also a ton of hotels in the area. I’m surprised no one hasn’t tried this before.

How outstanding is it that Dave & Busters and Bioware are offering prizes for the cosplay contests? I can’t wait to see what they offer up for the winners. Drew Seldin was very gracious enough to answer my basic questions about his upcoming event. A huge thank you to him and Atomic Crush Events.

There’s more than one way to get your tickets this year. You can of course go directly to the website which I posted above or you can actually go to one of ten local comic book shops out here in the I.E. to purchase tickets. Now, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen tickets sold like this for a Con, if you have let us know. Either way, I’m still super excited.

If you haven’t been to the Ontario Convention Center I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s obviously not as big as the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s roughly a third of the size of their exhibit hall space, which is still sizable especially when it’s over half the size of the Long Beach Convention Center and about half the size of the exhibit hall of the San Diego Convention Center. I’ve been to this convention center on many occasions. The parking isn’t bad, and there is always plenty of it, granted there isn’t a nice parking structure so it’s all outside.

Currently, Revolution has over 40 special guests and that list appears to be growing and doesn’t include all the great cos-players. There isn’t a list of exhibitors up just yet or an official program, but we are still a couple of months out so we’ll need to be patient and wait. I can’t explain enough how excited we here at Constant Collectible are for Atomic Crush’s Comic Con Revolution.

I know I’m planning on attending, who is with me? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! If we get enough people to comment maybe I’ll do some giveaways at the convention for some Star Wars Funko Pops.  See you all there!!



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