The Show: Issue 020 ” Jumped The Shark”


Welcome to Constant Collectible issue # 020 where it is our mission to collect NEWS and REVIEWS in a world of GEEK Culture for you to enjoy.

Top Stories:

  1. Looney Tunes has the app for you!!!! Boomerang Adds Streaming Service
  2. Legendary Pictures building a monsterverse. The Monsters are coming!!!
  3. New Wonder Woman Trailer – Diana!!
  4. Baby Driver Movie – Stellar Cast!
  5. Delays with The “Batman” movie – New Script!
  6. Thor: Ragnarok  – Plot and Pics
  7. Superman 2 – Possible Reboot?
  8. Marvels Iron Fist on Netflix – Super Flop?
  9. The New Matrix Movie – Reboot or Prequel?

Goody’s Guide To The Galaxy:

  1. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 finale – 1 Hour Long!!
  2. Star Wars KOTOR gaining momentum – On Netflix
  3. Star Wars Land update – Ground Assault

REVIEWS: (Review of: Comics, Books, Game, TV or Film)

  1. (Shark) Logan
    1. Story By: James Mangold
    2. Directed By: James Mangold
    3. Release Date: in theaters now
    4. Stars: Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen, Patrick Stewart
  2. (GOODY) The Book Thief
    1. Written By: Markus Zushak
    2. Published By – Random House
    3. Release Date: 2005
    4. A Challenge by Hannah Heath, liking it so far!
  3. (Simon) Bloodline
    1. Written by: Claudia Gray
    2. Art by:
    3. Released On: May 3, 2016
    4. Published by: Random House
      1. Bloodline ties in The Force Awakens as a prequel which begins 6yrs prior.

Main Story:

  1. Where is Marvel Entertainment’s Phase 4 Headed?
    1. Nick Fury Solo Movie with Red Skull? – Why?!  
    2. And who will we see? Spiderman 2, GOT3


What We’re Watching:  (Shows we are watching, books we’re reading, etc. which are not discussed in the Review )

Mark: Rebels, The Walking Dead, Survivor, Legion

Chad: Star Wars Rebels, Humans, Emerald City on NBC, OMG The Bachelor!!! =P, The Expanse, and The Voice!

Simon: Star Wars Rebels, The Expanse, The Americans, Secrets of Great British Castles, Wil Wheatons:Table Top, The Legend Of Tarzan

Where Can We Find You:

Mark: Twitter: @ibossksxo

Chad:   Twitter: ChadGriffin12, Instagram: DJKilt, Facebook: Chad Goodwin &

Simon: Twitter: C_Collectible, Instagram: C_Collectible and


Final Notes:

Our email is We are live every Thursday night at 8pm Pacific, 9pm Mountain and our website is Back next week to talk news and reviews in the world of geek culture. See You Then.


Beginning  March 21st we will start a PS4 and XBOX live stream every other week. Games will rotate and so will the systems.  Tuesday nights? Time? MORE NEWS TO COME !!!!!