On The Shelf: #StarWarpConcepts Adds “King Kong” To Its Illustrated Classics Line

Coming March 7, 2017 from independent publishing company StarWarp Concepts is King Kong, an e-book-only reprint of the 1932 novelization of the classic monster movie, and the latest addition to StarWarp Concepts’ Illustrated Classics line. Written by Delos W. Lovelace, based on the story by Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper and the screenplay by James A. Creelman and Ruth Rose, the StarWarp Concepts edition of King Kong features six brand-new illustrations by pulp-comics artist Paul Tuma (Tales of the Green Hornet, Dan Turner: Hollywood Detective). The novelization also expands on the world inhabited by this famous monster of filmland and includes scenes that didn’t appear in the movie’s final cut, including the terrifying “spider pit” sequence in which a group of sailors in pursuit of Kong falls into a chasm infested with giant, man-eating arachnids.


In King Kong, Ann Darrow is a down-on-her-luck actress struggling to survive in Depression-era New York when she meets moviemaker Carl Denham. He offers her the starring role in his latest film: a documentary about a long-lost island—and the godlike ape named Kong rumored to live there. Denham needs a beauty as a counterpart to the beast he hopes to find, and Ann is the answer to his prayers. But what Ann doesn’t count on are the horrific dangers that await her on Skull Island—including the affections of a love-struck monster…

King Kong Conceived by Edgar Wallace & Merian C. Cooper
with the Novelization by Delos W. Lovelace, which is based on the screenplay by James A. Creelman & Ruth Rose illustrated by Paul Tuma and Published by StarWarp Concepts will be ON THE SHELF for $4.99.

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