Goody’s Publication Audit: A review of Pilot X: By @acedtect AKA Tom Merritt


Goody’s Publication Audit: A review of Pilot X: By Tom Merritt!


As most of you know, I love a good Space Opera! If you didn’t already know that, ummm hello, Star Wars Addict over here!! Out of all of the Science Fiction categories this is my favorite! So when someone gives me a free copy of a new space opera coming out, you can place a sure bet that I’m going to read it.

The publishing company InkShares was gracious enough recently to forward an advanced copy of Pilot X, by Tom Merritt. I’m disappointed to say that until this moment I had not read any of Tom’s work, but rest assured, I plan to start buying his books from now on.

Here is the Overview from InkShares….


What if a time traveler lived in a world where disrupting the timeline could destroy everything in the universe — everything but himself?

  Pilot X is Ambassador of the Alendans, a race with the ability to move through space and time as guardians of the timeline. Locked in ongoing conflict with the Sensaurians, an organic hive mind that can send messages in thought throughout its own history, and the Progons, a machine race who can communicate backwards in time, Pilot X finally manages to create peace among the three races.

  But when Pilot X discovers that a secret dimensional war fought in hidden parts of spacetime threatens the fabric of the universe itself, he faces unseen enemies and a deeper conspiracy, bringing him to the ultimate choice: erase the existence of all three races, including his own people, or to let the universe be destroyed.

To understand the title you need to understand the Alendan culture. X is the character’s name and Pilot is his occupation. So, to simplify, if your name was Bob and you were a florist then people would actually call you Florist Bob. No middle names or last names and if someone were to call him just X then it would mean that they had an intimate relationship. It’s all quite so brilliant really and explained far better in the book.

The ship that Pilot X is assigned is a bit quirky in a way and over their many missions and time spent together it begins to develop a personality, which is actually funny. You can also sense an underlining care she begins to develop for X.

I unfortunately can’t give away any spoilers, even though for this one I really do. This is such an outstanding piece of work. I honestly haven’t read a book like this in such a long time. When I say “a book like this”, I refer to those books that truly make you think. Not just a typical story line that takes you on a cool adventure or sucks you into its well written galaxy, but a book that does all of those things and forces you in such a pleasant way to think scientifically. Now, with that being said I’m not saying you have to be an egg head to read this. On the contrary, Merritt’s writing style makes everything so very easy to understand and comprehend while making you wonder what could possibly happen if certain actions or steps are taken.

My Audit……

Go buy it. I’m going to cut right to the chase here, this is a much-needed add to any person’s book shelf. The story is original, the writing is superb, and it’ll draw various emotions out of you throughout its read.

My scoring for this book is below!


I plan on reading his other works and here is a list of those.

Go check these out folks! You can pick up Pilot X next month on March 14th, 2017 from your local book dealer or online right here or even here!

Please let me know what you all think, I’m excited to hear from you all once you get a chance to read this. Leave a comment below! As always, happy reading!