First Look: A Review of @ValiantComics Divinity III: Stalinverse #2 by @MattKindt

Post by Hannah Heath

first-look_-a-review-of-divinity-iii_-stalinverseGuess what? Valiant Comics has turned out yet another excellent comic. Which really isn’t that surprising at this point, but still. Let us applaud their genius.

The particular comic that is their latest success is Divinity III: Stalinverse #2written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine. The first issue was released about a month ago (you can read my review of that here) and I’ve been waiting for #2 to drop since the moment I finished reading #1. Well, Stalinverse #2 will be officially released to the masses tomorrow (January 25th). And man are you guys in for some fun.

It’s 2017. The entire world is either under Soviet Union rule or embroiled in bloody war. Colin King, a Russian intelligence officer, is in a good position. He is trusted by Russia and thus safe. As far as anyone can tell, this is a great place to be. But Colin King isn’t so sure.

Convinced that the course of history has been somehow derailed from it’s intended track, he sets out to discover and restore the truth. But this is not a task he can do on his own. He needs Abram Adams. Formerly Divinity, a being with great power, but now kept quiet by the Soviet Union, Abram may hold the key to stopping the world’s descent into the blood red of a world controlled by Russia.

The first issue of Stalinverse introduces several “Russian-afied” Valiant characters, and this issue brings in even more characters from the Valiant universe. I’m very impressed by how Stalinverse is slowly starting to engulf the entire world of Valiant, one character at a time. There are still a few people who have yet to be added to this series, so I’m looking forward to seeing if (and how) they are included.

Look closely at this variant cover. It offers exciting plot clues!

The most exciting part of this comic (in my opinion) was the extra look we got at the Red Brigade, a group of powerful Russians dedicated to terraforming Mars, stomping out any rebellion, and just generally establishing the Soviet Union as a global ruler. This group includes the infamous Myshka from Divinity II, as well as some brand new characters that look equally fascinating.

We have Baba Yaga, a master of arcane sciences (Does this mean we get magic? I really want magic). Red Legend, a heroic warrior of Russia. Pioneer, a member of an aboriginal race who wields a legendary hammer and axe that look like things you don’t want swung at you. And Kostiy, a deathless warrior. It appears that issue #3 will show them returning to earth, so we’ll probably get to see them in action next month. *makes excited face* I can’t wait.

Each time I read any of the Divinity comics, I become more and more of a fan of Trevor Hairsine’s artwork. It has a power and clearness to it that makes it both impressive to look at and easy to follow. He’s one of those talented artists who can illustrate a fight scene that doesn’t leave you squinting at the page and trying to figure out what just went down.


There were several other really cool revelations in this issue that I’m not going to talk about because of spoilers. I felt like every few pages some new piece of information would come through about the plot or characters and I’d just sit there, making stupid faces and flailing about.

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to what issue #3 brings. It appears that that is when the true fighting begins, so I’m holding my breath.

Have you been following the Divinity series? Please let me know what you think of it!

Constant Collectible was supplied a free copy of this issue by Valiant comics in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

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