Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Sweet Lullaby, Issue #’s 1,2, and 3!


Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Sweet Lullaby, Issue #’s 1,2, and 3!

A new spy/assassin comic book with a female lead? Count me in! Constant Collectible has been granted a first hand look at Darby Pop Publishing’s new series called Sweet Lullaby, an all-new sexy spy thriller co-created by writer AJ Scherkenbach and artist J. Briscoe Allison.

The over-all synopsis in Sweet Lullaby is in short terms a blackly comedic spy-thriller and dysfunctional family drama set within modern suburbia.  Imagine that the girl next door, who’s sweet, friendly, and beautiful also happens to be a somewhat sadistic government assassin… trying to lead a “normal” life even while taking lives. Sounds strangely interesting right?! It did to me which is why I volunteered for this assignment.

Issue #1 Synopsis:  GOOD GIRL GONE BAD – Lullaby is a strong-willed, 2nd generation covert assassin, trained from a very young age by her father, Z. Typically, she adopts a new look and identity for each mission. And upon receiving orders to “terminate,” Lullaby does so with clever and sadistic precision. But, Lullaby’s black and white world is about to turn gray.  And that means the streets could soon run red.

Issue #2 Synopsis:  DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL – Lullaby and Z are off to Vegas for a father-daughter weekend of clubbing, drinking, and killing a political extortionist. But, Lullaby becomes distracted when her boyfriend, Vladimir, confesses the depth of his feelings for her.  And Z finds himself wondering if his sweet Lullaby has become a liability.

Issue #3 Synopsis:  GIRL GAMES – Lullaby is recognized by a former neighbor, jeopardizing everyone and everything around her. She’s shipped off to an assignment in Oregon, home to the murderous manager of a boarding house for the elderly, leaving Vladimir to doubt both the status of their relationship, and the veracity of Lullaby’s “supposed” history.



My Audit…………

I’m on board! What? Did you want more? Well, ok……….

The artistry is simple, but it’s great! J. Briscoe Allison has done a superb job here. I like the classic comic feel of the character designs of over-exaggerated and well-defined muscles, the elongated necks, lengthened limbs and torso. It’s not realistic, but then if you’re reading comics let’s be honest, you’re not reading them for all the great autobiographies or non-fiction stories either. The artistry fits the story line and writing.

I’m a big fan of the way the story line and comic panels pops back and forth between the past and the present time. A.J. Scherkenbach kept me pulled into the story and wanting more. It’s cool to actually see the “whats and whys” from the characters past instead of just some quick squared monologue box in one of the pages panels.

Each character is given a distinct code name which fits perfectly in some fashion. It’s comical and really corny, but it also really works!

The father-daughter relationship between our main character and her dad is the hilarious stereotypical over protective dad, which if I had a daughter I too would be paranoid of any male wanting to date her too.


I find that all of the people who are targeted for assassination are societies scumbag’s, so I hope that this type of story continues. Reminds me of the Punisher in some fashion, but they get paid contracts.

Each issue either starts or ends with a quote from Sigmund Freud that fits the issue or circumstance perfectly! I find it hilarious that the writer has found a way to insert these and make them relevant.

The Sweet Lullaby  graphic novel will be released on March 17th, 2017. Go check it out and buy a copy, I have really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing how this story ends. I think this comic has great potential to continuing on and becoming a fan favorite among my fellow convention geeks, I can definitely see some serious cos-play done from this.