First Look: A Review of @ValiantComics Faith #7 by @Jody_Houser

First Look: Review of Faith #7 by Jody Houser
Post by Hannah Heath

Guess what I got for Christmas. Go on. Guess.

First Look: Review of Faith #7 by Jody HouserA Faith Funko pop figure. It’s amazing. My Aunt got it for me because she somehow caught wind of the fact that I like Faith (no idea how that happened. It’s not like I post a ton of reviews of her comics….or mention her whenever I get the chance), so she got me one. And I’m not sure how that worked out, since it’s a New York Comic Con exclusive and she didn’t go. So now I have this image of my Aunt hunting down a Funko Pop or Valiant comics employee and bribing them into giving her one.

Anyway. That story is only relevant in that it’s about Faith and this is a review of Faith #7 by Jody Houser. I needed a good segue and it seemed like a good one at the time.

Okay, on to Faith #7. If you missed my review of Faith #6, you can check that out here. This issue was possibly one of my favorite installments so far to her ongoing series. It features Faith coming face-to-face with some of her biggest fears.

Visions aren’t part of Faith’s powers. That’s what she would have said had you asked her a few days ago. But now she’s not so sure. She’s been seeing some weird things lately, and she’s not sure what to make of it.

What would you do if you saw your dead friend suddenly appear in front of you? Check into a mental institution? Faith doesn’t want to do that. Instead, she stays home from work to play some video games. It’s probably just stress. Right? Right?!

But then more people than just her dead friend start showing up. And none of them are happy with Faith. They blame her for their deaths. And the worst part is that Faith think that maybe they have a point.

This issue brings the focus squarely back to Faith. Many of the previous issues were what I refer to as “Faith and” comics. Faith and Archer. Faith and her clone. Faith and a crazy psiot. Which is totally fine. Jody Houser is an awesome author and always weaves a good story, so Faith And plots are great.

But it was really nice to have a comic purely about Faith. I enjoyed getting to see a side of her that sometimes gets lost amid all of her funny nerd moments and her optimistic point of view. Faith #7 focuses on her struggles with the ramifications of her powers: the isolation it can cause, the danger it poses to her friends, and the emotional strain it puts her under.


I really enjoyed this aspect of the comic and it looks like it will be continued through at least another issue. It gives us a more rounded version of Faith: the spunky, upbeat nerdy side, along with the more serious part of her with struggles that are inspiring to see her work through.

Meghan Hetrick’s art is still good. It’s bright and fun to look at, so I’m happy. Faith #7 is officially released tomorrow, June 4th. However, being the lucky person you are, you can preorder on Amazon.

I’m very much looking forward to issue #8 and seeing where it takes Faith. As always, if you aren’t reading Faith’s ongoing series: You are doing life wrong. Read it. Then leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

This comic was supplied to Constant Collectible in exchange for a free review. All thoughts are my own. 

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