First Look: A Review of @ValiantComics Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 by@MattKindt

Post by Hannah Heath

The eagle has landed! Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 is released today and I, being the lucky person I am, got to read it a few days ago.

first-look_-a-review-of-divinity-iii_-stalinverseIn case you missed it, I’d been following Divinity II closely. You can read my reviews of issues #2, #3, and #4 if you want to catch up with what’s been taking place in this universe. Unless you’re lazy, in which case, I will be an enabler and catch you up to speed:

Russia has become the most powerful nation on earth. They have spread throughout the world, bringing other countries beneath their communist rule. Russian cosmonauts have conquered space, and a few of these cosmonauts have returned from their missions with mysterious, god-like powers.

Got it? Okay. Good. Now here’s what’s happening in Stalinverse #1:

The world has a new power. The earth that once was is no longer remembered, instead replaced by the red flag of the Motherland. This is communism in all of its glory. This is Russia as it should be. This is Stalinverse.

Colin King’s job within Stalinverse is to monitor and test the loyalty of Russia’s finest agents: The men and women who travel the world, crushing uprisings and making sure that the Global Soviet Union stays firmly in power. They are patriots, symbols of what is right.

And Colin King can stomach it no longer. He remembers a time outside of Russia’s rule, and he is willing to risk his life to restore that time. His only hope is Abram Adams, a man of great power formerly know as Divinity.

Will he be able to chisel away at the Global Soviet Union, or is he fated to die amidst the blood-red of Stalinverse?

divinity-iii_001_007This single issue took my breath away. Featuring Trevor Hairsine’s brilliant artwork and Matt Kindt’s insanely masterful writing, Stalinverse #1 is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since Divinity II came to a close.

We get to see both Myska (the main character from Divinity II) and Abram Adams (the main character from Divinity). But we also get other characters. Not new ones. Old ones, but with a Russian makeover.

If you’re familiar with Valiant comics, then you probably know about Shadowman, Bloodshot, Peter Stanchek, and X-O Manowar. Well, these guys are all in Stalinverse, and they are champions of the Global Soviet Union. They hunt down and destroy all those who threaten the Motherland.

These characters were intimidating in their own comic books. But re-written and re-drawn as Russian fanatics? Scary as hell and completely awesome.

I don’t know about you, but if this guy was after me I’d be more than slightly freaked out.

The introduction of these Russian-afied (that’s a word now. Don’t argue) characters really helped show just how powerful the Global Soviet Union has become. You get the sense that absolutely nothing can bring Russia’s tyrannic rule to an end, making Colin King’s efforts both courageous and pathetic.

Also, on top of these Russian-afied Valiant characters, we are given a very brief glimpse of a new character: the Red Legend. We see her in a single panel, standing behind Myska, supposedly returning from establishing Russia’s ownership of Mars. Red Legend is part of a team called “The Red Brigade.” She looks amazing, and the description of her here makes me even more excited than I already was at the idea of a new character.

Granted, this issue gave us very little to go on, but with Matt Kindt at the helm I’m sure genius things are in store for her.

This issue perfectly set up the world of Stalinverse and opened up a lot of possibilities for what will happen in the next part of this series. Matt Kindt’s world-building in this series is a sight to behold and Trevor Hairsine’s artwork is a pleasure to look at. I cannot wait for Stalinverse #2 to be released on January 25th. That’s too far away. Who do I bribe to get to read it right now?

I continue to be blown away by the stellar stories that Valiant Comics turns out on a regular basis. If you haven’t read Divinity or Divinity II yet, then go do that now. Then read Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 so that I can have somebody to be excited with. Seriously. Right now. It’s worth it.

Have you read this issue or any of the other Divinity comics? Please leave your thoughts below!

Constant Collectible was supplied a free copy of this issue by Valiant comics in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 


  1. DIVINITY Has been a fantastic series from Valiant Entertainment and I look forward to where this is headed. Stay tuned to more news and reviews from inside the Stalinverse.

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