First Look: Review of @ValiantComics Faith #6 by @Jody_Houser

First Look: Review of Faith #6 by Jody Houser

Post by Hannah Heath

First Look: Review of Faith #6 by Jody Houser
I have sorrowful tidings. I didn’t have time to review Faith #5 when it came out. This is sad because a) I love Faith and that was my first time missing a review of any issue of her ongoing series and b) I missed big news. What is this news? Meghan Hetrick joined the creative team as an illustrator. And she’s good.

So here’s a quick review: Faith #5 is great. Go read it.

Okay. On to Faith #6!

An escaped psiot is on the loose, draining the energy of every living thing in sight and drawing the attention PRS: an organization involved in national security and just so happens to greatly dislike psiots.

This escaped psiot has taken a teen Hollywood star as a host and is wreaking havoc throughout the streets of LA. Of course nobody comes into Faith’s city and starts hurting people. Especially not innocent Pokemon go-ers who are just searching for rare dragon types.

But getting the psiot to back down is going to be a lot harder when PRS intends to do the same…except in a more violent manner than Faith. It’s up to her to keep the people of LA safe, while also keeping herself and the other psiot from being captured by PRS. Easier said then done when the other psiot is angry and bent on sucking away all of her energy.

Right off the bat I need to talk about Meghan Hetrick’s inclusion in the Faith creative team. She’s lent a new look to this comic book series:

faith_006_002Now this is the part where I try to talk about art when I know absolutely nothing about it. Yes, you are allowed to laugh at me (or, more productively: explain the correct terms to me in the comment section below). Hetrick’s style is vibrant and brings in brighter colors than previously used. There seems to be less detail (simpler lines, less attention to facial expressions, etc). I’m not sure what this style is called, but I enjoyed looking at it. So while I liked when Sauvage was the lead illustrator, I also enjoy Hetrick’s work. So I’ll be happy either way.

Okay. Phew. Done bumbling my way through art analysis. Moving on.

As always, this story had a good amount of nerd references and Faith’s heart-of-gold. It touched a bit on the strained relationship between a perfectionist mother and her under-too-much-pressure daughter, which I thought was cool.

Oh, and there was a visual reference to Bloodshot, another character from the Valiant comics realm. I love it when characters within the same universe overlap a bit, so that made me happy.

This issue seems to have completed a small story arc that began in issue #5, so I’m looking forward to seeing with new adventures Faith has in store.

Are you following Faith’s ongoing series? Well, why not? Don’t make me come over there and stand over you until you’ve read all 6 issues. Or worse, confiscate your iPhone so you can’t catch any of those Pokemon. I’ll do it. You know I will. So go read up! Faith #6 came out today, so be one of the first to read it!


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