On The Shelf: @BlackMaskStudio Preview of Young Terrorists #2 by Matt Pizzolo

young-terrorists-2-otsAmerican insurgents raising an outlaw army. Prizefights in drug cartel compounds. A secret war against shadow-government mercenaries hiding in plain sight. Sci-fi sex designed to rewire your brain. And furious youth hellbent on seizing their freedom back from… whom? On Main Street everything looks fine, but, just below the surface, America is at war with itself.

Incendiary writer  (Godkiller, Occupy Comics) and striking newcomer Amancay Nahuelpan (Clandestino, Boy-1) unleash this tour-de-force that fearlessly assaults politics-as-usual. Young Terrorists continues the legacy of subversive comics like V For Vendetta, DMZand The Invisibles, but brings it to the raging streets of contemporary America with a diverse ensemble of angry young anti-heroes.

Young Terrorists blows minds as it rages against the machine and manically rips the scab off life under the new world order. This is the kind of story that could only be told in comics.

You can pre-order your copy of Young Terrorists #2 HERE and if you choose to use our link a little bit comes back our way so we may continue to deliver great content.

YOUNG TERRORISTS #2 Written by Matteo Pizzolo with Art by Amancay Nahuelpan Colors by Jean-Paul Csuka and Lettered by David Hopkins & Jim Campbell will be ON THE SHELF December 14th.

Let us know what you think about Young Terrorists in the comment section below. If you need to catch up with YOUNG TERRORISTS #1 you can find it HERE


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