The Show: Constant Collectible Issue 007: “Coke Is It”


In This issue of “The Show”Simon and Chad discuss the following topics:

  1. ON SCREEN: Star Wars Episode 8 to film in 65 mm film.
  2. TV Time: Inhumas headed to The small screen and not the theatre.
  3. The Rumor Mill: Eleven wants to play Princess Leia! That cute!
  4. The Rumor Mill: Star Wars Jedi School
  5. The Rumor Mill: Disney to buy Netflix? Mmmmmm…. Yes plz!
  6. Game On: Mario Bros. Run

What We’re Watching:

  1. Shows we are watching, books we’re reading, etc.
    1. SIMON: The Flash, Arrow, Star Wars Rebels, WestWorld, THE CROWN, The Force Awakens
    2. CHAD: The Voice, Star Wars Rebels, Conviction (Hayley Atwell), Westworld, Impractical Jokers, READING CATALYST, A ROGUE ONE NOVEL!

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