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Trailer Nation: #StarWars Rogue One International Trailers!

Trailer Nation: #StarWars Rogue One International Trailers!



Is anyone else getting more and more excited for December 16th to roll around the corner?! With these new Star Wars international trailers that keep popping up we keep seeing more and more new great content. We’re seeing more Vader, we’re hearing more dialogue from the main cast, and we’re seeing some epic space battles!!

The new trailers are hinting at some great X-Wing and TIE Fighter space battles. We all love it when we see some epic lightsaber battles, but let’s face it, we also love some hard core X-Wing action in space!

Take a look at these new trailers! We here at Constant Collectible are super pumped and have been playing the trailers on a loop on the office big screen TV (Which we stole out of Simon’s house a couple weeks ago). Take a look below and let us know what you think?! Who else is planning on going to opening night? Where is everyone planning on seeing the film? Let’s talk folks!

Here’s The First Trailer! Saber Crystals?

Here’s The Second One! Space Battles!


Check these awesome trailers out and let us know what you think!!





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Star Wars addict! Seriously, if I could have Star Wars bottled, placed in an I.V. bag, and injected into my veins I'd be ecstatic!!
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