On The Shelf: @OniPress Sends MOTRO #1 Back To The Presses.

Motro OTS.jpg

Oni Press has announced that the first issue of the new creator-owned series MOTRO has sold out of its initial print run. Oni Press has fast-tracked the second printing of MOTRO #1, which is now available for preorder using Diamond Order Code: SEP168674. The final order cutoff for the second printing of MOTRO #1 is November 14. It will hit store shelves on December 7, 2016, one week before MOTRO #2 arrives.

MOTRO is the long-awaited creator-owned epic from rising-star illustrator and cartoonist Ulises Fariñas (Amazing Forest, Judge Dredd, Gamma), which features co-writer Erick Freitas and colorist Ryan Hill.

MOTRO #1 (Second Printing) Written by Ulises Fariñas with Erick Freitas with Art & Cover by Ulises Fariñas and colors by Ryan Hill will be BACK ON THE SHELF December 7th for $3.99.

A reclusive young boy with superhuman strength follows a prophecy from his dead father on a mission to save people, but when he finds the area villagers are less than thrilled by his noble intentions and he faces adversaries both human and magical-mechanical, what will it take to fulfill his destiny? Can his miniature talking motorcycle help? From illustrator and intricate world-builder Ulises Fariñas (IDW’s Judge Dredd), comes the first story in the life and legend of a fantasy hero for the ages.

Will MOTRO make your December Pull List? Let us know in the comment section below.


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