Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Ahsoka!

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Ahsoka!



It’s the return of the Togrutan ex-padawan Jedi! SHE LIVES!! Ok, maybe that was a little too dramatic, but it’s exciting none the less! For those who aren’t too familiar or have no clue as to who I might be talking about, I’m referring to Anakin Skywalkers ex-apprentice during the Clone Wars TV series. Why is she his ex-apprentice? Well, you’ll just have to watch the TV series to find out, trust me, you’ll love it. The Togruta’s are a race of people from the planet Shili. Another notable Torgruta is the Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

A little further back story about this character probably helps too. When the Clone Wars TV series ended so abruptly, we were left with so many gosh darn loose ends that the fans went kinda nuts. Me, I ran around the house in my boxers screaming the sky is falling then taking breaks to curl up in the fetal position and crying in a corner, then rinsing and repeating like that for a few days, true story. Ok, where was I? Oh ya, the back story. When the Clone Wars series ended we had no idea what happened to Ahsoka, along with several other cool characters. Now, that was several years ago, but in the new canon time line it’s been 10 years since we last saw Ahsoka. Since then the fans have been going nuts about her. They wanted more Ahsoka! Her fan base was growing by leaps and bounds. We had a strong female character who was considered a lead character and she was not only strengthening the female fans Star Wars already had but she was also bringing more and more females into the fan base. She was becoming a regular fan favorite as well. Letter campaigns were started to get an action figure cast because there was no Ahsoka action figure. I’ve even seen events at the Star Wars Celebrations that were held in her honor, they were called “Ahsoka Lives Day”. The fans wanted more, and it’s exactly what we got with her introduction into Disney’s Star Wars Rebels, and finally with her own book.

Young Ahsoka with her master Anakin

So after order 66 was issued, that’s when all of the clone troopers turned on the Jedi and began killing them, Ahsoka went into hiding and has been on the run since trying to avoid the newly formed Galactic Empire. The book goes into some detail, not greatly, but just enough to give us a great representation of her life in hiding. During most of this period she takes on jobs as a mechanic/pilot for whoever would hire her and all of her travels were kept to the other rim planets. She also doesn’t use her real name either, she adopts a name for herself, the name Ashla (Which wasn’t too creative in my opinion). She believed that staying the furthest out from the Galactic Core worlds would give her a greater chance of survivability. This plot sounding a little familiar? Ya, just a bit, some of her actions parallel Kanan’s from the book “A New Dawn”, but more on that in my audit.

There is one employer and family in particular that the author singles out in the book and that’s of a family the planet Thabeska. The family owns a business which involves shipping and as well as the illegal type of shipping. It’s also implied that they supply people who need assistance due to run ins with the Empire. But the most important detail about this family is that the youngest daughter is a force sensitive. Ahsoka feels tied to her and worries over her. It’s a brilliant addition to the story in how she influences her and communicates with her regarding her skills. It was great that the author didn’t try to harden Ahsoka’s heart and make her uncaring during this time period.

It also should be noted that just like Kanan in “A New Dawn”, Ahsoka also spends time rediscovering her Jedi instincts and training. Not that she ever lost any of them, she just repressed and refused to acknowledge and use them for such a long time.

Most of the story revolves around a small planet named Raada which is rich in agriculture production. Ahsoka leaves the family on Thabeska in fear that she might be discovered by the Empire and finds this planet as her new home. Once again masquerading as a mechanic. During her stay here the Empire arrives because one its independent contractors has recommended it as a new food supplier for their Stormtrooper meals.

Now, I could go into further detail about how she helps the farmers, how she rescues a new friend, how a Sith Inquisitor gets involved, how she constructs new lightsabers for herself, or how she finally gets recruited into the newly formed Rebel Alliance with a meeting involving Bail Organa, but I won’t. READ THE BOOK! Trust me, you’ll love it!

Our New Ahsoka in Rebels


My Audit……

If you loved or even just liked The Clone Wars series you’re gonna love this. There weren’t too many slow spots, the book kept moving along at a steady pace which I love those kinds of books.

I’ve talked with others fans about the book and some has stated that you have to be a fan of hers to really enjoy the book and I disagree. There’s plenty of detail and great writing in this book to make you a fan of hers and watching The Clone Wars isn’t a requirement before reading this book, but I highly recommend it!

The Sith Inquisitor scenes were awesome and sheds a little more light on their purpose and activities within the Galactic Empire.

How she’s recruited into the Rebel Alliance and especially how she constructs her new lightsabers is great, I loved how the author wrote these scenes. I also loved how Johnston used mostly old cannon to explain lightsaber crystals, there wasn’t anything too new here and she didn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel which I really appreciate as a fan.

Lots of room was left here to expand on for further books. I can see a series of Ahsoka books detailing her activities in the Rebel Alliance.

Her growth in maturity from The Clone Wars to Disney’s Star Wars Rebels is explained throughout the book. Johnston had a big job ahead of her in trying to tie in the old Ahsoka from The Clone Wars to the new Ahsoka we see in Star Wars Rebels and she did a superb job in this, very well done!

Pick this one up folks, it’s a great story! As always I’d love to hear what you all thought, leave a message or comment.






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