The Toy Box: @BOOMStudios and @lootcrate Are Getting Into BIG Trouble


BOOM! Studios and Loot Crate Announce Exclusive Cover for ‘Big Trouble in Little China/Escape

BOOM! Studios and Loot Crate are excited to announce an exclusive cover illustrated by Nick Robles (Clockwork Angels) for the publisher’s debut issue of Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York. The exclusive will appear in a yet-unannounced, upcoming Loot Crate box.

Cover by Nick Robles
Given a blessing by the two films’  director, John Carpenter, and featuring a story by Greg Pak and art by Russ Manning Award nominee Daniel Bayliss, Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York pits together two characters made famous by actor Kurt Russell in an unlikely pairing. Issue #1 is on sale October 5th, with the Loot Crate exclusive to be announced.
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Daniel Bayliss
Cover artists:

Main (2): Daniel Bayliss
Subscription: Michael Allred
East Vs. West (2): Michael Cho & Andy Belanger
Movie Poster Incentive: Oliver Barrett
Loot Crate Exclusive: Nick Robles

Format: 32 pages, full color
Retail Price: $3.99
On sale date: October 5, 2016
  • It’s the mother of all crossovers as Jack Burton and Snake Plissken meet for the first time ever anywhere!
  • Done with director John Carpenter’s complete blessing, witness this melee of the mullets as two cult-classic characters made famous by actor Kurt Russell crossover in an improbable adventure.
  • As lightning cascades around Jack and his good ol’ Pork-Chop Express, he finds himself transported and driving through the horrors of what seems to be the dystopian future of…Escape from New York?!
  • Snake Plissken catches wind of Jack and goes on the hunt to find who is trying to steal his identity.
  • Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime, with Jack and Snake rumblin’ down the streets of a dystopian future to find what craziness caused Jack to jump through worlds.
  • Written by Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk, Action Comics) and illustrated by Russ Manning Award nominee Daniel Bayliss (Kennel Block Blues,Translucid).


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