The Show: Episode 002 “Like My Shirt?”

Episode 002 of Constant Collectible “The Show” is now up.


In Episode 2 of Constant Collectible “The Show”. Simon and Chad talk Dave Filoni and his new role within the Star Wars Universe. The Name change of Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Marvel Sending Dr. Strange to Imax for a brief preview and what Netflix is upto.

It has been a few weeks since we have uploaded a new episode and we appreciate all your patience.  We have been experiencing many technical difficulties and we look to be on the right track. Thanks you for watching and please like, share and comment here in the post or over on the YouTube.

As for “The Show” we are still in the beta format and will be tweaking things as we go along and we hope you enjoy the ride.

Episode 003 will be out next week on October 14th.


  1. alright CC, I have a few things to say…

    1. Maul is clearly talking about Kenobi. Savage is obviously dead, he died in front of Maul. Maul also said “twin suns” I don’t think savage and maul were twin sons.

    2. I want to see Kenobi again too, but I don’t see him coming back through Bo-Katan. I would rather see Maul hunting him down. Old Ben hooking up with his girls sister seems so uncivilized. I prefer the Bo-Katan as Sabine’s mother theory. The Kenobi/Rey theory ends for me with this. Rey is a good pilot, and Kenobi let a droid do the evasive maneuvers.

    3. I love me some Starkiller, and I love me some Ezra. Lets not combine the two. Vader has had two chances to recruit Ezra and didn’t see the potential. He Recruited Starkiller when he was what a one year old? If anything lets have Sam Witwer play Ezra in Rogue One…and obviously Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan.

    1. I agree and I think he is talking about Kenobi and if we get this episode of Maul V Kenobi I see the end of Maul. As for Witwer I think it would be cool to have him show up as an older Ezra.

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