Hannah’s Novel Notions: A Review of @ValiantComics Faith #3 by @Jody_Houser

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hannahs-novel-notions_-a-review-of-faithSometimes comic cons can get pretty hectic. You’ve got a bunch of passionate fans dressed up as their beloved characters who are all trying to get to one panel or another. There are artists to see, cosplayers to take pictures with, writers to talk to. And there are lines. And lines. And more lines.

Yep. It can get pretty crazy alright. You know what can make them even more crazy?

A thief with magic running around and stealing collectibles.

It’s exactly this kind of crazy that Faith is up against in issue #3. If you want to know what’s been going on in issues 1 and 2, you can read about that here and here. But hurry up, because I want to tell you about this issue. It’s hilarious. And nerdy. And every kind of awesome that Faith has consistently been since her creation.

Faith and her boyfriend Archer are headed off to comic con. Archer has never been to one before and Faith is excited to show him around. It’s going to be a normal day. No superhero-ing, no fighting off villains, just cosplay and fun.

Faith has a lot of comic cons under her belt, so she knows what she’s doing. Con Tips #1: Always bring a bag with snacks. Con Tip #2: Compliment other cosplayers, but don’t be a creep about it. Con Tip #3: Don’t steal things.

So much for no superhero-ing. It looks like Faith and Archer are going to have to hunt down some guy in a mouse suit who’s been stealing collectibles. Not cool, man. Not cool. Too bad it can’t be as quick as tracking him down and turning him in. Nothing’s that simple when thieves carry around scary magical items.

Scary magical items. Don’t mess with them.

I really enjoyed this issue. It was awesome to see a comic book where the very nerdy superhero cosplays at a con. Hurts my brain a bit to think about, but fun nonetheless.

As you’ve probably gathered from my other reviews of Faith comics, I’m a huge fan of her character because she’s just as massive a nerd as all of us over here at Constant Collectible. She’s relatable and epic and always makes me grin.

Also, as her boyfriend Archer seems to be becoming something  of a fixture, I have to comment on him: He’s great. A former member of a cult, he’s not very caught up on nerd culture…or even regular culture. His dialogue is extremely formal and courteous, contrasting Faith in a rather genius way. I’m excited to see more of him in the Faith comics. And I gotta say: It was hilarious to see him dress up as Legolas. Seriously. Good move, Houser.

Artists Pere Perez and Marguerite Sauvage really captured Faith, the life of the comic con, and the overall fun mood of the story. Kudos to them.

As always, Jody Houser wove together a fun plot. This issue seemed disconnected from issue #2. Not that I care, because it was a fun romp and one that I enjoyed all on it’s own. I also have faith that the creative team (Houser, Perez, and Sauvage) will end up working their magic and tying this issue back to the first two. Because they’re awesome like that.

That being said, I have a problem. Not with the comic, but with me. Faith cosplayed as a character that I do not recognize. I need your help figuring out who she is. I feel it may end up being some super obvious character and my nerd card will get taken away, but hey. One of Faith’s Con Tips was “don’t be a gatekeeper.” Listen to her. She’s a superhero nerd, so she knows what’s up.

Anyway, here is her character:


Recognize the cosplay? Please let me know who it is!

Anyway, this is a great installment to Faith’s ongoing series. I simply loved the concept and think it’s one that a lot of people who like comic books or visit comic cons will get a kick out of reading. Seriously. So many fun things going on, and a lot of Faith’s Con Tips are quite helpful.

If you like funny stories, nerdiness, awesome characters, or comic cons, this series (and this issue in particular) is definitely for you. Go read it. Then come back and tell me what you thought of it! And please let me who Faith is cosplaying as in this issue. It’s driving me nuts.

This comic book was supplied to Constant Collectible by Valiant Comics in exchange for a free review. All thoughts are my own. 

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