The Rumor Mill: Reys Parentage From Star Wars. Part THREE!!!

The Rumor Mill: Rey’s Parentage From Star Wars. Part THREE!!!


Ya ya I know! Another post or rumor about this dang girls parentage. Now, as I’ve stated before, I don’t like posting too many of these rumors or theories because some seem so far-fetched and to be honest just foolish. But, this one caught my attention and really stirred my imagination.

If you’ll all recall a while back, about the beginning of the year,  when all the rumor mills were stirring and speculating that Rey could be a Kenobi, in fact Obi-Wan’s granddaughter. Those theories all stated that Kenobi hooked up with Duchess Satine from Mandalore during the Clone Wars Era. The big problem with that was that she was killed off during this period. Meaning, that it was impossible for her to briefly meet, hook up sexually with a man who took an oath against such acts, then carry and conceive a child. The time line was just far too short. Which leads me to another possible theory.

Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica and Riddick fame has made a public announcement that she had voiced her Star Wars role again for the Disney series “Rebels”. Well, there was only one role she voiced and that was Bo-Katan Kryze in the clone wars series. Now, she and Kenobi weren’t as close as Satine, but since Disney purchased all of the rights to Star Wars they’ve been rewriting history, deleting events and characters, and reintroducing old favorites as well (like Thrawn).

Bo-Katan and Obi-Wan on Mandalore during The Clone Wars.

Where does this take us you might be asking? Well, it opens that door back up to the possibility that Rey could be a Kenobi. Bo-Katan was the one who helped Kenobi escape from Mandalore, and if there is going to be any possibility of Kenobi hooking up with another woman it might possibly be her. I’m not saying that I believe or trust this in any way shape for form. I don’t have any evidence to back it up, it’s just a theory. A theory and rumor that I am after all starting. I’m only feeding this beast because I love the idea of Rey being a Kenobi. I find that Rey being a Skywalker is just too dang obvious and I feel like Disney is looking to pull the rug out from underneath us when her true parentage is resolved. In short, I’m hoping for some originality to this new saga.

Granddaughter and Grandpa Kenobi?

I’d love to get a big discussion going about this. Lets talk about it, give me your thoughts. Could Kenobi break his sacred oath he took with the Jedi? Could he have been attracted to such a powerful warrior woman?

C’mon folks, talk to me. I look forward to your thoughts!






  1. Dude. YES. This has been my theory from the start and I’m going to be really happy if it comes true. :) I do think Obi-Wan would be willing to break his oath for a lot of reasons. Obi-Wan was mentored by somebody who didn’t stick very strictly to Jedi code, so it makes sense that he is slightly less orthodox than most. Also, you get the sense that Obi-Wan knew about Anakin and Padame being married and he didn’t raise the alarm. In The Dark Disciple, he was pretty chill about his friend falling in love…with a member of the Dark Side, no less. I’m no Star Wars expert, but it kind of makes sense that he could have a kid.

    Also, it seems like there were a lot of nods to this rumor in the Force Awakens. Rey’s accent, her skill with mind tricks, and even that scene where she’s poking around Star Killer base looking eerily similar to that time Obi-Wan poked around the Death Star. Also, Rey going up against Kylo Ren would parallel Obi-Wan and Anakin’s battle.

    Clearly I’ve spent too much time thinking about this. :) As to exactly who he had this kid with? *shrugs* No idea.

    Anyway, great post, Goody! Thanks for feeding into my “she’s a Kenobi” dream.

    1. Thanks so the awesome input Hannah! Yes, I too am hoping this somehow ties back to Kenobi. I think it would make for a great story.
      I did fail to mention in my article, which a dear friend pointed out, that Bo-Katan is Satines sister, lol. I feel horrible for not mentioning this and it was in my notes. Oh well!
      You brought up some good parallel arguments for her being a Kenobi too. A lot of people have been speculating the same, so great work there! And with how Disney loves to use symbolism in their works it’s a big supporter. Anything at this point is possible. As I stated before, I’m just hoping for some cool originality.
      Thanks for the awesome input and comment! 😉

  2. As long as the reveal is as interesting as this theory, I am fine. If she turns out to be Luke’s daughter after all of the discussion on this topic, I will be more disappointed than a Wookie losing a board game

  3. I am with Hannah and I have thought that Kenobi would have broken his vows as a Jedi. When you see the relationship that was blooming in Clone Wars. Not to mention that many characters through Star Wars Lore have not completely stayed on the straight and narrow. I really hope she is related to Kenobi since he is also one of my favorite characters.

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