Deep Thoughts: Piracy is everywhere and @ALTERNACOMICS knows first hand

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In every industry there seems to be some sort of piracy and comics are not immune. In a recent letter from Alterna Comics we have been informed that one of the approved press has been pirating their comics.

Here is what publisher Peter Simeti had to say.

“We’ve discovered that we have another reviewer on our list that is pirating our comics.

We’re taking measures to stop the pirating or at least make it much more difficult to do so, starting with watermarked comics that will have a watermark across every page identifying the owner of the digital file.

We hope this won’t be much more than a slight hindrance to reviewers, but it is an unfortunate and extremely time-consuming action that we have to take. Each reviewer will receive a personalized review copy ONLY available upon request. Preview pages and information will still go out to everyone, without watermarked pages though.

Should the pirating continue and we discover who it is (we have a list of roughly 20 people that we’ve narrowed it down to) we will make this knowledge public and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

It’s awful that we have to even write an email like this, let alone consider pursuing these actions, but hopefully this is where it stops.”

In Peters last words I completely agree. It is sad that this letter needed to be written and for several reasons. Alterna Comics is an independent publisher, which allows those stories that would not typically make the shelves possible. Another reason is that a member or members of the press are responsible for the piracy.

As a member of the press we are given free access to read and review creator owned property and inform you the reader of our thoughts. To take money out of the creators and publishers hands and place it in your own pockets makes me sick.

I hope Alterna finds the member or members of the press or so called press and does prosecutes them.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Alterna for a while and I find myself going for their product before the big publishers. I wonder if the pirate(s) target the likes of Marvel & DC or if they fear the consequences of such an action. Hopefully Alterna will catch them.

  2. It’s extremely disappointing to read this. It’s hard enough to get these type of privileges in the first place and once you do there is a small chance that some bonehead out there will ruin it for all of us by trying to make a few bucks.
    Great job Simon in posting this, I only hope all the other press sites do the same.

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