Convention Connection: Awesome Artists, Vendors, and Cosplayers at Nerd Con

Convention Connection: Awesome Artists, Vendors, and Cosplayers at Nerd Con
Post by Hannah Heath

Nerd Con. Sounds exactly like the kind of place you’d expect to find us Constant Collectible writers, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is.

Susannah Metzler, Chad “Goody” Goodwin, and I all headed over to Escondido’s 2016 Nerd Con. This being it’s second year of existence, none of us had ever been before and weren’t quite sure what to expect.

As it turns out, Nerd Con is a very cool local event. It is a gathering for nerds by nerds and attracted a very passionate crowd. It had a pleasantly homey feel, everyone was very kind (except that one guy who apparently chewed Goody out for not playing Pokemon Go….We forgive you, random dude), and there were awesome cosplayers everywhere.

What did we think of it? Well, we made our first ever group video there, so you can watch that to find out.

Since we already reviewed this event, I wanted to write a post overviewing all of the parts of the event that really stuck out to me. Namely, specific vendors, cosplayers, and artists that I thought were almost as cool as Legolas’s hair. Seriously. His hair is always perfectly groomed. HOW?


Okay, back to Nerd Con.

Convention Connection: Awesome Artists, Vendors, and Cosplayers at Nerd Con

Dominic Sobrito: Artist

This guy had some really epic artwork at his booth. He focuses mostly on DC/Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars characters and his Joker and Batman prints are especially striking. He said that, while he’s been drawing for quite some time, he’s spent the last few years developing his own style. It’s pretty darn clear that these last few years have not been wasted.

Darth MaulDominic-Sobrito-art
Photo source: Dominic Sobrito’s Facebook page (linked below).
Photo source: Dominic Sobrito’s Facebook page (linked below).

If you’d like to view more of his work (you know you do), then head on over to his Facebook page or follow him on Instagram.

BBoySpiderman: Cosplay

This guy knocked his Spiderman cosplay out of the park. Not only was his suit extremely realistic, but he can drop into the perfect spiderman pose without skipping a beat. Seriously. So cool. You have no idea how much I wanted to give this guy a massive high five.

Photo Credit: Susannah Metzler

His Instagram is here.

Leelo Jewelry

Despite the name, this vendor did, in fact, offer much more than jewelery. There were cool iPhone cases, fandom coasters, and even Polyjuice Potion flasks.

So if you’re ever looking for awesome fandom materials with class, head on over to the website. They have some beautifully nerdy items going on over there.

Think Kings Publishing

This cool indie publishing house had it’s own booth featuring some of their authors. Perry Covington was there, showing off his Child of Atlantis series, novels with an interesting-sounding plot and gorgeous covers. I am now determined to read them.

And let’s not forget about Jerry Rogers, another author with Think Kings Publishing who writes mysterious stories that mix both religion and science fiction. How cool is that?  His most recent novel, North of Elysium, can be found on Amazon.

Justine Cruz: Artist

This guy’s booth was impressive to say the least. He had about two walls of art on display, all of them nerd characters or fandom crossovers and all of them awesome to behold.

Photo Credit: Susannah Metzler
Photo Credit: Susannah Metzler

I think it’s safe to say that he had art of all the major geek characters: Captain America, Eren Jaeger, Superman, Asuna, Magneto, Predators, Snape, you name it. His crossover pieces of art were particularly fun. Goody got one of Boba Fett dragging Bilbo across Mordor, and I cracked up upon seeing one of Abraham Lincoln stepping in during a Captain America and Iron Man fight. Good sense of humor, man. Epic job.

His work can be viewed on Facebook and ArtStation.

G1 Boys: Cosplay

Now, I’m not a fan of Transformers. *ducks behind computer to avoid flying tomatoes* That being said, I wasn’t really keeping an eye out for any Transformers cosplays. But then I saw these guys:

Photo Credit: Chad "Goody" Goodwin
Photo Credit: Chad “Goody” Goodwin

Pretty epic, right? They did such a good job that they made me want to delve into that particular fandom a bit more. Also, I feel the need to mention how impressed I am that they were walking around in those things like it was nothing (they’re on stilts). I’d have fallen over about 42 times.

Check out their Facebook here.

Destiny Comix

I was really pleased to see this booth. Destiny Comix is made of a small group of creatives who have come together to create comic books. They have a designated artist, Brandon Noel, who works with different authors to bring comics to life. It makes me happy to see groups of people with different talents working together to create stories and entertain others.

Apparently, Mr. Cuddles is their most popular comic, so head on over and check that out if you’re like me and love indie projects.

Honorable Mention: Random Scout Trooper

I’d like to give a shout out to this random Scout Trooper cosplayer. I have no idea who he was, but he let us get a picture with him. AND he let me hold his blaster:


Thank you, random scout trooper. That picture was taken over 5 days ago and I’m still happy over getting to hold a (fake) E-11s long-range blaster. Now if I can just get my hands on a real one…

On second thought, no, that’s actually a horrible idea.

Anyway, thank you.

Those were some of the top cosplayers, vendors, and artists that caught my eye at Nerd Con, though, honestly, there were tons of others that I loved. Nothing is better than a determined and passionate geek on a mission, be it a goal to make good art, tell good stories, or create good cosplay. Let’s have a round of applause for these highly talented, extremely nerdy, and very inspired people.

Okay, stop clapping now. You look kind of dumb.

If you’d like to see more pictures from Nerd Con, check out this post by Susannah Metzler. She’s Constant Collectible’s designated photographer and snapped lots of great pictures. And if you want more of an overview of the entire event, check out Goody’s fun post here.

I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to go to Nerd Con and see so many cool and talented people. If you ever get the chance to attend Nerd Con or any other event where the above people will be, take it.

Have you been to Nerd Con or an equivalent local nerd event? I’d love to hear about your experience!


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