Convention Connection: Pictures from Nerd Con 2016

I’ve been promising multitudes of pictures from Escondido’s Nerd Con 2016, so here’s a whole post of them! Hannah, Goody, and I got to attend the Nerd Con, and we girls got there early enough so that there was hardly anyone walking around.

Which means? I got to walk around in my PRESS badge with my big DSLR and shoots photos of vendors and cosplayers without crowds getting in the way. I felt like a professional Constant Collectible press photographer. Maybe that’s because I am? Oh, yes.


Goody has already written a full review on the Con, and you can read his post on Constant Collectible here. Constant Collectible’s Instgram also has some pictures.

Convention Connection Pictures from Nerd Con 2016 - Constant Collectible

Here are the Multitudes. First up, Ghostbusters.


This was one of my favorite vendors. They had lots of nerdy jewelry, hand forged knives, and THESE.


There was a setup of sweet cars outside too. Below is the mobile from Back to the Future, and the other is a cool Star Wars car. At the very beginning, there were speakers set up in this area and playing the Main Theme and March of the Resistance from Star Wars: Force Awakens. So that made me pretty happy.




There was an intersting variety of vendors inside each of the three buildings. Below, featuring Hannah, was a Publishing Company, advertising science fiction novels and a huge set up of funko pops and comics.



This guy had some amazing art of the Joker and Batman, as well as other superheros.


Some cool items from another favorite vendor, appealing mainly to fangirls.

Destiny Comix is an indie business, publishing and selling their own hand sketched comics. Hannah got to talk to the vendor administrator and learned that they started just like our wonderful Constant Collectible itself. Their comics looked really cool.


San Diego Star Wars Society!! “Keeping Star Wars Alive in the Eyes of the San Diego Community.”


Now THIS really cracked me up. As you can see, it’s a vendor selling stuff like gatorade, but not for people who work out. It’s for gamers.

Gamer: “Oh, it’s time to sit down and relax on the couch and get really fat with the TV screen and potato chips and soda. I really need some energy boosters. Oh, I know! I’ll get some GAMERGY.”

Sorry. I had to. (But Pokemon? Now, that may need some energy drinks.)


Anime and manga, guys! Hannah approves.


Gregg Berger was also there, a voice actor for characters in the movies Transformers, Inside Out, The Clone Wars, The Simpsons, and more.


Wannabe Press! We here at Constant Collectible write advance reviews for their comics. It was pretty cool to see their vendor.


Multitudes of Posters! I was really tempted to get a Darth Vader one.


But Goody got one. Unfortunately, you can’t see it too well in the picture, but it’s a scene leading up to Mount Doom and Boba Fett is dragging Frodo. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars mash up. I was pretty impressed with that idea and the artwork.


Time for the cosplays! This was definitely my favorite part of the Nerd Con. Many of them were so well-done and realistic and left me impressed. I loved how most of them would pose just for me and my camera.









Let’s take a moment to realize just how amazing this cosplay is.



Yeah, Aladdin was posing for that one. No, just kidding.



And here’s Cap; Got to save the last for the best!


Last but not least, there was a fun lightsaber duel activity set up. No one else wanted to.


So that’s it! I had a ton of fun at the Nerd Con and would give it a 3.5 out of 5. It was my first Con and I was pretty impressed, though I was aware that it was a little small. I think Nerd Con will get larger each year and will definitely go again! I hope you all enjoyed reading the post and seeing the pictures. Comments are welcome!


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