Convention Connection: Nerd Con 2016

Convention Connection: Nerd Con 2016

CC Nerd Con 2016

Greetings fellow Nerds and Geeks!! I feel as if I’m standing before you on a platform with a hovering microphone in front of me when I say that. If I were Hannah or Susannah I’d probably have a wand pressed against my neck to magically project my voice to you all, but as you all know I’m a Star Wars Geek, so the hovering droid in front of me fits perfectly here.

This past weekend the lovely City of Escondido hosted Nerd Con 2016. It was done at the California Center for the Arts. This was the second year that Nerd Con had been in existence and according to all the folks that Constant Collectible spoke with it had tripled in size since its inaugural year, which is awesome!

We’ll begin by talking about the Cos-players. I’m always blown away and so impressed by all the people who love to come out dressed as their favorite characters whether they be anime, cartoons characters, classic 80’s cartoons, movie hero’s or villains, or some obscure online comic book. A Cos-players love for their specific character or for those who do multiple wardrobe changes is truly inspirational. I know every time I leave a convention or rather before I leave I feel a huge draw to make my own costume as well. For me it’d have to be the Mandalorian Mercs. Boba Fett and the Mando’s have always been my favorite in the Star Wars universe. Maybe someone from their organization will read this and give me some pointers (Hint-Hint, Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink). Let’s take a look below at some of this years Cos-players.




























































Other Small Notes………

The pictures above were just a small taste of what could have been seen at this years Nerd Con. If you wanna see more great cos-play then I highly suggest attending a local convention near you. The beautiful thing about Nerd Con in Escondido is that there is a lot to see outside of the buildings, and that part is free. So you could interact with some great cos-players and get all kinds of tips if you’re interested in dressing up as your favorite character. You’ll find that most if not all cos-players are very friendly and love sharing their idea’s.

The Constant Collectible crew encountered several independent game developers while adventuring through the halls. Pictures of these were not taken out of respect of the owners since they all were still in development. But, business cards were handed out with a promise that once the games were finalized we’d do a free promotion on our site. It should also be noted here that if you are a freelance or even a corporation developing any kind of game whether it be video or board game we’ll do a free promotion for the game. Just send us a copy, we’ll play it, and do a write up about it. We love new and interesting games and if we can help you get a little free marketing from us then that’s what we’ll do.

My Audit…..

I only have a couple of negatives to point out and they happen to be very minor. Badge pick up could have been better streamlined and organized. It’s very disappointing to hear the convention staff complain to each other and to the visitors how unorganized and chaotic things are. The second is the badge pick up party on Friday night. It was a bit slow and unexciting at the beginning, the couple of vendors who were present made it pop just a little more with their enthusiasm in my opinion. You really had to stay and wait until much later in the evening for things to get exciting. I found a quite corner to take notes while waiting. I thought the interactions between my fellow Nerds and Geeks was the highlight. Like I stated, these were the only two complaints of mine.

On a more positive note, the convention was spread out over the Center for the Arts multiple buildings and grounds. I did love the fact that there were things to do outside of the buildings and that someone who didn’t or couldn’t afford to pay for the convention tickets could wander the grounds and participate in the many events and activities. A lot of the Cos-players could be found mingling outside and enjoying themselves.

I would definitely attend again next year and the following years to come. I see a lot of potential in Nerd Con down in Escondido. There’s still room for growth not only in the buildings but on the grounds as well. I think the convention staff have a great thing going here and would love to see this Con take off and be one the major cons on the west coast. I’d like to thank and congratulate the staff for being attentive to it’s visitors. I had a few questions throughout my visit and each staff member was extremely knowledgeable and eager to help. Great work everyone!

As always, let us know what your thoughts are. Did you go? If so, let us know! We’d love to hear from you! Cheers all and May the Force be with you!





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