On The Shelf: @DarkHorseComics Set To Release Hatsune Miku: Rin-Chan Now! Volume 1

Dark Horse is getting ready to release the trade series of Hatsune Miku: Rin-chan Now! This series was inspired by the 2011 music video “Rin-chan Now!” The video’s creators, writer Sezu and illustrator Hiro Tamura, collaborated with Dark Horse to publish the series. The four-volume series will be published in 2017.

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Have fun just hanging out on stage, in the studio, and at home with Kagamine Rin, the most popular Vocaloid next to Hatsune Miku herself! Miku’s sassy blond friend takes center stage in this series that took inspiration from the music video Rin-Chan Now! The video is now a manga of the same name–written, drawn and edited by the video creators!

The popular Rin appeared in the Dark Horse smash-hit, Unofficial Hatsune Mix, and was on the cover of Mikubon.

Volume 1 (of four) follows Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku’s sassy blond friend, as she takes center stage. Fans will be treated to Kagamine’s daily life as she performs onstage, practices in the studio, and relaxes at home.

Volume 1 of Hatsune Miku: Rin-chan Now! goes on sale February 15, 2017 and be pre-ordered over on Amazon. If you choose to use our link just know that when you do a little comes back our way so we may continue to bring you great content.

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Press release Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

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