Game On: @SerenityForge set to take you on a Four Sided Fantasy


Four Sided Fantasy is a 2D puzzle platformer inspired by Portal and Braid. The game is a seamless experience in which you have the ability to maneuver past obstacles using screen wrap. When you leave one side of the screen, you “wrap around” and come out on the other side, much like in Pac-Man or Asteroids.


Four Sided Fantasy has it’s roots in Logan’s student project, The Fourth Wall. After working on The Fourth Wall for a month for a prototyping class, Logan decided to take the game to the next level. To do this, work continued on the game in Logan’s free time, working through the summer of 2011. The game would go on to win several awards and land him a position as the level designer on the award-winning game Perspective. Now, Logan wants to come back to the concept and explore it in new ways with Four Sided Fantasy.

1 / 9


  • Unique, mind-bending ability revitalizes a long-neglected aspect of games
  • Beautiful, crisp art style inspired by the illustrations of Justin Mezzell
  • Mesmerizing music, composed by the one and only M.J. “Quiggles” Quigley
  • Haunting sound created by Ian Shores
  • Seamless movement from level to level, using filmic transitions
2 / 8

Ludo Land
Based in Seattle, Washington

Release date:
Q3 2016

Platforms: Steam (PC/Mac), PS4. (Xbox One will experience a couple days of delay).


Regular Price:


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