First Look: A Review of @ValiantComics Faith #2 by @Jody_Houser

Post by Hannah Heath

*blows trumpet* Everybody listen up! Faith #2 is coming out tomorrow and it is awesome! I’m a huge lover of the character Faith Herbert, created by author Jody Houser and illustrator Marguerite Sauvage. You can read my review of Faith #1 here if you want to know a) What’s going on with the plot and b) exactly why it is that I fangirl over Faith.

Read it? Okay. Let me tell you about the next installment of this fun series:

First look_ A Review of FaithFaith comes face to face with her very-first supervillain! He’s none other than her favorite Hollywood star. This has to be a joke, right? Some kind of publicity stunt or creative way to get an interview?

Nope. Faith’s beloved celebrity is, in fact, a super villain bent on destroying her. Faith always wanted to be like the comic book characters that inspired her and got her through rough patches of her life, but she’s not sure that she’s ready to deal with all of the things that come with being a real superhero: arch-nemesis and people closing in on her secret identity? As if she didn’t already have enough problems with holding down her job as an content writer!

This was a very fun installation! Sauvage did a good job with the art work, as always. Houser continues to show off Faith’s cheerful, funny personality in the best ways possible, and I’m happy to hear that Faith will not be making any drastic changes to her current superhero costume. Hurrah!

The end is a bit of a cliffhanger and left me with a lot of questions, so I’m certainly looking forward to the next one.

That being said, this single issue seemed to be missing some of the usual charm. There were none of the usual dream/fantasy sequences that have become something of a staple for Faith comic books, which was surprising. The ending article by Zephyr felt a bit preachy and the entire plot was just a set up for the next issue.

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoyed reading this. It just felt like one of those necessary “stepping stone chapters” that, while not bad, is not on par with the others.

So, was this issue fun? Yes! Was it as good as the first one? No. Should you read it?

I’m not really sure how this is a question. Yes. Faith is awesome. The plot is fun. The art and writing is good. Basically, this series is gold, so jump on board!


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