Stream It: Hulu to Stop Free Streaming


In a statement from Hulu senior VP and head of experience Ben Smith it was announced that Hulu would stop its free streaming and move to an all subscription model.

“For the past couple years, we’ve been focused on building a subscription service that provides the deepest, most personalized content experience possible to our viewers. As we have continued to enhance that offering with new originals, exclusive acquisitions, and movies, the free service became very limited and no longer aligned with the Hulu experience or content strategy.”

Hulu’s paid subscription will at $7.99 per month, which is a few dollars cheaper than Netflix, but this tier does come with drawbacks.  Within the $7.99 tier you will be subject to limited commercials, while the $11.99 tier you will be able to  watch with no ads.  Hulu is still planning on offering live TV beginning in 2017, but still no details have yet been revealed.

Where you a free user of Hulu? What do you think about the change? Let us know in the comment section below.