First Look: @ValiantComics Review of 4001 A.D. Warmother by  @fredvanlente and Tomas Giorello

Valiant Comics First Look at Warmother #1

Warmotehr First Look

Have you ever waited so long for a book that when it finally hit the shelf, you could not help but jump in? This is how I felt about Warmother. Warmother was announced back on during the Valiant Entertainment Summit back in May.

Warmother is set in the 41st century, where the planet Earth is a wasteland. New Japan orbits the Earth as a floating oasis, but not all of it stays in orbit. The survivors of the new age of Earth have been robbed of Earth’s once-lush and natural resources.

We are introduced to one outpost that was once a research facility for Bio-Materials, which was constructed by the previous residents. The resources mimicked the design and structure of the living world. Within the installation, everything is 100% self-sustaining of food and shelter, and only 95% of technology is grown within the facility. Because of this 95%, the 5% must be foraged, and this is where Warmother comes into play. Warmother whose name is Ana is the one and only who is allowed to leave the facility since this facility believes in seclusion and strict isolation.


Warmother plays an exciting role since she is the only resident who is authorized to leave the facility accompanied by her gun and her artificial intelligence which she calls “Flaco.” Flaco accompanies Ana on all her missions and after every mission, its memory is wiped. As Ana put it, Flaco is born “for this mission and this mission alone.”

Now this is not the first time we have met Warmother. Warmother made her comic book debut in last summer’s event Book of Death. I enjoyed book #1 and can not wait to see where this goes. There are many characters to meet, ideas to be explored and a whole world to explore. I am interested in Ana as a character and look forward to her history and why something’s (Not going to spoil it) can and can not happen to her.

I recommend jumping on this book and the beautiful thing about Valiant and the way they structure their stories there is no need to read any of the previous books or tie-in books, which is a little different than some other companies.

If Warmother has made your pull list let us know what you think in the comment section below.  We would love to know your take on this new character.


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