Press Release: @ALTERNACOMICS Unveils Their Lineup Through 2017.


Alterna unveils a stellar lineup in print and digital through 2017
Creator-owned comics from some of the best and brightest are at the forefront from Fall 2016 through Fall 2017.

The future looks bright for Alterna Comics as they transition from their 10th year to their 11th. A string of creator-owned projects look to make waves in the comic industry as Alterna debuts horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and crime themed books. Alterna’s February partnership with IPG which took effect on July 1st, will also see the graphic novel publisher’s books and ebooks distributed in a wider market across the globe.
The following titles are available in print and you can pick them up via the link: Alterna AnniverSERIES Anthology (October 2016), 2016 IF Anthology: Super Powers (November 2016). Others can be pre-ordered from your local comic shop. Scrimshaw (April 2017), Trespasser (June 2017), Unit 44 (August 2017), 2017 IF Anthology: Crime (November 2017). Alterna is also set to release a third and definitive edition of their flagship psychological horror title THE CHAIR(September 2016) through IPG; no plans are made at this time to release the book through Diamond.
Alterna’s Fall 2016 digital comics lineup on comiXology marks the debut of MR. CRYPT (Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar Jovic / All Ages Horror), CROAK (Cody Andrew Sousa, Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O’Halloran, Dan Sheppard, Dezi Sienty / Horror), SCRIMSHAW (Eric Borden, Dave Mims, Mark Quist, Rashad Tabeb / Post-Apocalyptic Adventure), THE RE-CREATION PROJECT (Brian L. Hawkins, Morgan Sawyer, Scapatticci / Sci-Fi Action), IF ANTHOLOGY: SUPER POWERS (Peter Simeti, Chas! Pangburn, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Glenn Matchett, Mike Oppenheimer, Mark Gilchrist, Dan Lauer, Kelly Williams, Jason Snyder, over 90 various creators / Superhero Anthology), THE CREATORS (Michael S. Bracco / Sci-Fi Adventure).

The Fall lineup also sees the continuation of Alterna’s digital favorites on comiXology: CORKTOWN (Mario Candelaria, Scott Ewen, Zakk Saam / Horror,Crime), THE DARK (Kelly Williams / Horror), TRESPASSER (Justin M. Ryan, Kristian Rossi, DC Hopkins / Sci-Fi Thriller), RAYGUN (Greg Schoen, Alonso Molina, Paulo Rivas / Sci-Fi,Adventure), CHARGE (Chris and Dan Jury, Adhitya Zulkarnaen, Pam Siega / Sci-Fi Thriller), and THE ACTUAL ROGER (Hank Tucker / All Ages Superhero).
Founder and publisher Peter Simeti proclaims:

“It’s a great time to be a comic creator at Alterna. Between our current relationships with comiXology and Diamond and our new partnership with IPG to distribute our books across the world on print and digital platforms, there are so many opportunities to grow and build an audience here. It’s been an honor to see it all unfold and to work with hundreds of talented people over the past ten years. I’m looking forward to the next ten and more!”

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