The Rumor Mill: Reys Parentage From Star Wars. Part 2!

The Rumor Mill: Reys Parentage From Star Wars. Part 2!

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Heads up Star Wars fans, we have another theory to Reys possible parentage. Yes, I know, another gosh darn rumor! Now, I haven’t been reporting on all of the rumors regarding this subject because some, well OK, most are pretty ridiculous and of course we have the common theme that she’s Luke’s daughter. But, this one has some credibility behind it, so lets dive right in!

This new theory does in fact revolve around Luke. Remember that time when Luke left the safety of Yoda’s hut and that all important Jedi training against the advice of not only Yoda but his old force ghost mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi? Remember that? Remember how he was tricked into doing so by Vader in a force vision because Vader wanted to seduce him to the dark side of the Force? And then remember how during their fight Luke got his right hand cut off by Vader? We all remember that right? RIGHT?! Of course you do! Well, do you also remember his hand and lightsaber falling down the shaft to never be seen again, until The Force Awakens? We all remember that, of course we do!

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If you’ve never read the old Star Wars canon then you never knew the fate of his cut off-hand or of his lightsaber. The next time you ever saw his old saber was in the Force Awakens when Maz had it in her possession and Rey discovered it because it was calling to her through the force. Since then we’ve had some hilarious “Meme’s” that some fans put together, like the one to the left.

Well, this new theory revolves around Luke’s old severed hand. According to the rumor, and none of what you’re about to read is confirmed, but Rey could be a clone of Luke Skywalker. Now, hold on everyone I know it sounds ridiculous, but let’s face facts. Cloning has been HUGE in the Star Wars canon, old and new. We had an entire movie dedicated to clones, we had an entire cartoon series dedicated to clones. If you’ve never read the old “Legends” canon then let me help you along in this logic. Emperor Palpatine had clones for himself, an entire army was cloned from a bad ass bounty hunter,  and more importantly, in the novel “The Last Command” in the “Thrawn Trilogy” Luke himself was also cloned, without him knowing of course. Luke’s clone was made possible from his severed hand that he lost in Cloud City on Bespin. So, as funny as it may sound, this is a possibility. I’m not saying I like it or that this is fact, but the new management at Lucasfilm has been known to say that they pulled idea’s from the old Legends canon when they began modeling this new canon. It makes sense to a degree, but it is kinda lame.

As far as to who cloned her? Who knows, the possibilities and ideas behind that are almost endless and we would be here for a long time discussing those topics.

The main reason I decided to report on this was the fact that it involved cloning. During the Force Awakens, Kylo Ren mentions using a clone army instead of General Huxs’ stormtroopers. So, could cloning still be a big factor here? Who knows! By this time, the old clones that were made from Jango Fett should be deceased or very old. So if they’re considering using a clone army then it must still be going on, or they have access to a facility that can make it happen. Bottom line is this, it’s a credible possibility.

I’d love to hear what you all think! Leave a comment below, let’s get this discussion going!


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  1. Wow, reading through your delightful description of ESB, I’m reminded of Yoda saying “there is another.” I always thought it meant the other twin, and that Leia was also a hope for the Jedi, but now I’m wondering if it’s the person who could have found the hand and the saber…maybe Maz.

    1. It’s funny you mention that! I’ve been having these off the wall conversations with people lately about all the what ifs and this was one of them. It’s certainly a great point and a lot could be said for both possibilities.
      But if you were to use the old legends canon there more than a few who could have fulfilled that role too, Kyp, Corran….. But I’m much more a traditionalist and think it’s Leia. Too bad they didn’t have her follow in her brothers steps.

      1. Yeah, I miss Leia with her red lightsaber, but I’m not sure if I miss her dueling a Hutt…

        Good point about the EU. I’m torn on the scarcity/abundance of survivors. I like the idea that Luke and Leia are all that is left after Yoda and Ben, but there’s something wonderful and open about all these drunken WEG-style failed Jedi out there in hiding.

      2. WEG-style failed Jedi, ROFL! THAT’S AWESOME!! I do like the idea of either failed Jedi or just Jedi in hiding and in the past couple of years I always use Kanan from Rebels as my argument that we might not have seen the last of the hiding Jedi. My hope is that we would see some of these characters from Rebels in future movies.
        There is so much out there that they could accomplish with these new movies, lets just hope they get more original.

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