Press Release: @DarkHorseComics #FightClub2 hits #1 on New York Best Seller List.

Fight Club 2

Fight Club 2 is the number-one hardcover graphic novel on the New York Times best-seller list. Written by novelist Chuck Palahniuk, illustrated by Eisner Award-winning artist Cameron Stewart, lettered by Nate Piekos of Blambot, colored by award winner Dave Stewart, and featuring a cover by David Mack, Fight Club 2 is Palahniuk’s first foray into comic book writing and his first New York Times best-seller.

“Hitting NUMBER ONE has never been my goal, but it’s a beautiful, unexpected gift from so many of the readers I’m meeting on tour. Thank you. Tyler lives!”

Set ten years after the events of Fight Club, Fight Club 2 finds Sebastian living a mundane life and still in a dysfunctional relationship with Marla. The sequel explores Sebastian’s struggles to restrain Tyler Durden in his subconscious. Unfortunately, Sebastian’s life is turned upside down when Tyler re-emerges to create chaos.

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Chuck Palahniuk is currently on a book tour promoting Fight Club 2. For more information on signings, please visit:

Fight Club 2 is available in bookstores everywhere, but if you want to grab yourself a copy head here: Fight Club 2.

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