Press Release: @AlternaComics Preview of Corktown by @TheOtherMarioC


The worst is far from over after a Detroit detective falls victim to a vampire’s bite. With her soul trapped in limbo and her reanimated corpse wreaking havoc, Torrie must find a way to help her partners stop the carnage before more lives are taken.
Detroit artist Scott Ewen infuses a stark and eerie noir look, bringing Corktown to vivid life. Writer Mario Candelaria fuses a mix of the paranormal with the procedural as he redefines what it means to be both a vampire AND a ghost.

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CORKTOWN  is written by Mario Candelaria with art by Scott Ewen and letters by Zakk Saam.  Corktown will be On The Shelf September 28, 2016 for $9.99,  80 pgs, BW, Mature Readers
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