On Screen: ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Recruits Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as Zordon

March of 2017, its morphin’ time. We have been seeing bits and pieces of the epic remake and have been assured that while this film will become a gritty film in comparison to the television show, but will not loose it’s sense of fun and adventure.

Many were thrown off by the announcement that Bryan Cranston had been signed onto the cast. Dispite his history with the series (doing dubbing work for a few of the villains), it seemed odd to hear that the Breaking Bad star would join a scifi film. In fact, that was a key point Cranston made in his interview with Larry King in fact. ComicBook.com reported that he was excited to switch things up and do a scifi/superhero film.

He seems to be getting into character and seems to love getting into Zordon’s head as a master Thesbian. “The tenant of that storyline is that this is a real person who is trapped in this ether-world, and it becomes this in-the-wall so to speak of this lair, this command center. He still has a heart and mind, but an agenda that he’s gotta get these five Power Rangers to defend the Earth, or else everyone they know will be killed.”

Some sources are looking into the fact that he mentioned a green ranger. I for one am not putting stock into these rumors until I see SET PHOTOS! So far, only the original five have been revealed, so we will need to wait to see if Cranson simply made a mistake or if he divulged any secrets.

Below are links to interviews he has done since the announcement. He is really on a one man marketing campaign, so expect him on all of your late night talk shows!

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