On Screen: Rouge One Changing Genres Entirely?!? 

The sky is falling! Wolf! The British are coming! It’s a trap!

The past few weeks have Opened up flood gates of rumor and speculation regarding the upcoming film Rougue One: A Star Wars Story. The Rumors surround new shooting that has been done with nearly the entire cast in tow.

“The movie has not been screened for test audiences, but [Entertainment Weekly]’s sources on the film say that Lucasfilm’s in-house braintrust — which weighs in on films similarly to the way it’s done at Pixar — felt Rogue One needed to punch up its emotion and action beats. (They also confirm that although it went largely unreported last year, The Force Awakens also underwent weeks of reshoots in the summer of 2015.)” (Entertainment Weekly).

A retooling is far from the flying rumor monkeys and predictions that this film was changing genres. We have heard from the mouths of these fearmongers that a sub par heist film might be the result of this new shooting. 

EW sat down with Gareth Edwards, previously known for Godzilla (2014), now the director of Rouge One. He eased the minds of fan boys and girls around the world.

“Obviously, you’ve got to work around everyone’s schedule, and everyone’s on different films all over the world, and so it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare,” he said. “That’s why I think it’s been blown out of proportion a little bit.”

Not only Is it the timing of the shoot, but this whole situation that causes him disbelief. The romors are unfounded, Edwards said in disbelief that “It’s funny, making a film stops you believing anything you’ve ever read on the Internet.”

EW also had an in with Katherine Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilms. She revealed, as the producer of Rougue One, that the war movie tone will be kept. They are not planning to make changes to the style or release date of the film. 

The studio seems set on the idea that each off shoot Star Wars Film will have its own genre, and the planning for which genre they will use for each story is not approached lightly. We saw this occur with the marvel films with much success, so it seems to follow that Disney would be excited to engage their newest property in that same manner.

Star Wars films are set to be released every year for the foreseeable future. With episode VIII releasing in 2017, and episode IX set to release in 2019, we can expect big hype alongside Rouge One and the Han Solo films which come out between the flagship films. This reshoot is nothing to fret over. It seems the studio is happy with the war tone, so yes, reshoots are occurring, but no, the team is not scraping the project or style of the film.

It seems that the creative process is simply being refined, Edwards gave a very endearing response to why the team set up these 5 extra weeks of filming. “A film is a very creative, organic process, and it evolves over time, there’s no right or wrong. There’s just ‘better’ and ‘best,’ and with Star Wars, nothing but the best is going to do. So we’re just putting a lot of pressure on ourselves until the very end, making this the greatest film it can be.”

We are excited for this film, but what’s really your concerns? In this same interview it was lauded to that the Star Wars opening crawl and other tropes of the series may fall by the wayside. Tell us the comments or on Social Media what rumors worry you, and we may be able to address the issue in our next “On Screen”. 

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