First Look: Review of @DarkHorseComics Mystery Girl V1 by @PaulTobin 

“All Mysteries revealed”… “Everything Solved… Already”.

These terms decorate the sandwich board sign that adorns a ragged blanket. A sidewalk shop consisting of an old rug, a bird, some art, and a rather pierced and punk rock detective give a host of guest characters a backdrop to ask their questions and seek help. The speed and decore give the first issue of Mystery Girl a rather bohemian vibe.

This detective, Trine Hampstead, was given the ability some years before to solve any mystery through only identitying a mystery to be solved. The moment Trine becomes aware of any mystery, no matter how small or complex, she knows the solution. The only one she sees as opaque is the question to how she gained these abilities.

Paul Tobin is able to leverage this premise to create a rather intriguing narrative that follows Indiana Jones in its raw sense of adventure. The villain is a money grubbing, yet practical man who hires an associate to keep something quiet that Trine and a client of hers stand to interrupt. 

Why I’m disappointed:

While the story here is intriguing, and there were a lot of seeds planted for future issues, this volume read in a very choppy manner. This style has been employed by writers to the joy of certain audiences, and if you count yourself amoung those who enjoy books that pace themselves quite quickly and sporadically for the sake of style, this may be for you. 

The other point of disappointment comes from the distasteful amount of sexualization and nudity in the story, especially when considering the unnecessary placement and use of it. It is definitely a book that treats women as objects. 


Dispite my two problems with the book, it was a creative story, and I hope my praises and warnings prepare you for what is in the pages of this Bound trade.

This comic book was supplied to Constant Collectible by Dark Horse Comics in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are subjective and beholden to no employee or agent of Dark Horse Comics.

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