On Screen: Defenders of the Earth

Defenders of the Earth

With the recent announcement that Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast to play Mandrake the Magician what else does Warner Bros. Entertainment have in store for us?

With the cinematic world that is in love with the shared universe is Mandrake the Magician the beginning of a new shared universe and the reemergence of some classic superheroes?

With Universal Pictures creating the shared universe of movie monsters and Paramount Pictures connecting the Transformers world who’s to say Warner Bros. is not joining the party.  Marvel has been very successful with this and DC is trying

If Warner Bros. is heading down this path then let’s get ready for the addition of Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician.

Defenders of the Earth was a cartoon that hit the small screen back in 1986.  The plot begins with Flash Gordon and his son Rick escaping from Ming the Merciless, who has exhausted the natural resources of his home planet Mongo and desires to exploit Earth. Ming tries to brainwash Flash’s wife Dale Arden, but she resists until death, whereafter her psyche is later included in the Defenders’ supercomputer Dynak X.  Later, Flash and Mandrake organize the Defenders against Ming.

Does this sound like something that should hit the big screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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