Press Release: @DarkHorseComics preview of Conan The Slayer by @cullenbunn

Preview of Conan The Slayer #1 from Cullen Bunn and Dark Horse Comics.

CC Conan The Slayer #1

Alone, battle weary, and with nothing but his sword, Conan of Cimmeria faces his inevitable death in the arid wastes . . . but instead stumbles into a camp of Kozaki raiders. With a knife at his throat and a band of Turanian hunters at his back, will the half-dead barbarian find a new ally in the Kozaki chief?

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Conan The Slayer is Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Sergio Davila and cover by Lee Bermejo. Conan will be On The Shelf on July 13th for $3.99.

Will you be jumping on Conan #1? Let us know in the comment section below.


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