First Look: Preview of Cryptocracy #1 from @DarkHorseComics !

On The Shelf: Preview of Cryptocracy #1 from @Darkhorsecomics!

Cryptocracy #1

When it comes to comic book reading I’m a hard sale. What I mean to say is that I’m very picky. I get bored easily with comics so I tend to stick to what i enjoy, which is a select few, but some of these new comics from Dark Horse are really catching my eye and I find myself rereading them.

Cryptoteaser CCCRYPTCY1PG07 CC

A perfect example is the above comic book titled Crytocracy, written by Van Jensen. The premise is simple enough…. There are nine ancient families that actually rule the Earth, each in it’s own area like North America, Australia, Africa and so on. These families are extraterrestrial and contain some very interesting powers and companions.
The main goal behind these great ancient families is to protect us humans from ourselves and to Shepard us into a great future. It’s very X-Files which is probably why I like it so much, lol.

What’s only been touched upon lightly in this first installment is that there is a current peace treaty between all of the great houses, so at some point they must have been at war with one another. It also appears that things are tense between the houses and that war just might be coming.

My Audit….

There is the usual amount of cursing in most current comics these days, but there is also some humor as well. I enjoy a good conspiracy type story, and this one fits the bill for me.

The artistry by Pete Woods is really cool. He doesn’t present us with the ever so redundant over-exaggerated typical comic book characters with the enlarged muscles, overly toned muscular bodies, huge breasts, or what ever else some of these artists are doing these days. He draws a believable character to me which makes it fit this story far better.

Check this one out, I give it two thumbs up!

As always, let me know what you think when it comes out on June 29th. Van and Pete have put out a killer product here.




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