Convention Connection: Origins Game Fair with @Cryptozoic

On June 15-19, 2016 Cryptozoic is headed for the Origins Game Fair and bringing tons of demos.


Stop by booth D901 to demo games and purchase amazing products, new and old!
Debuting at Origins are three new titles for sale in very limited quantities:


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Release Date: 06.22.2016

The Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game is based on the Rick and Morty episode of the same name. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry. You can still play this wild and wacky game and have plenty of fun. But you really should see it at some point. Seriously. Don’t be a Jerry.

Rick has locked the family inside their house. Why? Because the family has grown. Parasites masquerading as family and close friends have infiltrated and have inserted pleasant memories into everyone’s minds to make them think they’re real. And more keep coming! You must figure out which of these new, zany characters are real and which ones are parasites that need to be exterminated. Think you’ve got what it takes to save the world?

This is a cooperative game for 2-5 players, with a playing time of 30 minutes.


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Release Date: Q2, 2016

In Hong Kong, the Police and ruthless Triad crime syndicate have both learned they have traitors embedded in their midst and are determined to ferret out these dangerous moles. It’s up to you to crack the codes of your foes and learn who is ultimately loyal to whom. But be careful, as your own loyalty may change during the game. Be prepared to do whatever it takes so that when all has been revealed, you end up on the winning side.

The game is won by the team that manages to first reveal all 3 identity cards of 2 infiltrators belonging to the opposing team. Of course, you won’t really know who is on your team and who is not until the very end… Set yourself up to quickly change sides at the last minute or stay loyal to ensure your own survival!


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.56.47 PM
Release Date: Q3, 2016

Throughout the centuries, mad scientists have always encountered the same problem of very limited access to the dangerous resources they require.  To solve this problem, the Mad Science Foundation was created.  Now these “misunderstood geniuses” can finally get the access they need to the four vital building blocks of mad science: Lasers, Dark Matter, Cryptomium, and Sharks.

Unfortunately, for each mad scientist that seeks “funding” from the Mad Science Foundation, there remains the unfortunate fact of life that mad scientists do not play well with others.  In the quest for infamy, directors will be bribed, resources will be reallocated, spies will be dispatched, inventions will be sabotaged, and big, ominous buttons will be pressed with catastrophic results.  Welcome to the Mad Science Foundation, where everyone is ready to stab you in the back with overly-elaborate backstabbing machines.

At its heart, this is a drafting game. You draft resources to craft wacky inventions and dispatch minions to help with your diabolical plans. Each round, one player controls the Crooked Director for that round. He or she then separates the available commodities into piles to be drafted. It’s up to the scientist controlling the Director to determine the value of whatever resources are available and separate them into piles. Not all piles are created equal! Players then take turns selecting which pile of goodies they will grab, with the Director’s controller choosing last. Sizing up your competition is key! You know what they need. Don’t let them have it. Or give them two choices of equal terrible-ness! But each player also has a secret side objective that you may not figure out until it’s too late…

By crafting new inventions, you might be able to put together an engine of cards that eventually fuel themselves. Perpetual motion in our lifetime! Or perhaps you might stockpile valuable resources for later exploitation. It’s all done with the altruistic goals of megalomania and personal glory in mind. What could go wrong?*

*The Mad Science Foundation is not responsible for stock market crashes, illegal dumping, or tears in the fabric of space-time.

Will you be headed to the Origins Game Fair? If make sure you check out the Saturday Evening Preview Event featuring a first look at DC Comics Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 5: Rogues.  Also if you are in attendance and what to enter some of the tournaments held by Cryptozoic here are some helpful links: Tournament schedule, click here. Registration for events is done through the Origins website. Click here to register.

If you are headed to Origins let us know in the comment section below.

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