On The Shelf: 10 years of @Alternacomics

Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics is an independent comic book publisher that made its debut in 2006 after founder Peter Simeti (a substitute teacher) created his own comic and felt like sharing it with everyone.   Peter has been involved in the comic industry as an artist, writer, letterer, colorist, inker, cover artist, sketch card artist and publisher.  As a publisher he and Alterna Comics Celebrate their 10th anniversary of independent comics publishing.

On June 8 Alterna Comics will release their 40 page guide to the Alterna Comics characters and here is but a taste.

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For those of you unfamilar with Alterna Comics  and would like a few free books to see what they are all about use this link: Free Alterna Comics.

Are you familiar Alterna Comics? Did you get your hands on a few free books?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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