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The finale!

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It is the end of an era for Mike Mignola and Hellboy in HELLBOY IN HELL #10: For Whom The Bell Tolls.  Released today in comic shop we know know the fate of Hellboy in the finale!

Hellboy transforms into what he was always meant to be.

Hellboy in Hell #10 written by creator
Mike Mignola along with art and cover Mike along with Dave Stewart is On The Shelf today June 1, 2016 and is the end of an era.

Hellboy first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 back in August of 1993 and has been featured in several mini-series, one shots, series and two feature films.

In the final it is a beautiful melancholy story that ends an era the way it should be done.  It ties up so much for an amazing character.  It will be tough to see this character go, but this is comics and not everything ends.  For now this book was truly a great read for any fan and I give the highest marks and I think everyone needs to pick up a copy.

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Thank Mignola for your creation and the work you have done with such an amazing character.  We look forward to what you in store for us next.

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Who will be picking up Hellboy #10? Let us know what you think about this final issue in the comment section below.


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